Wednesday, March 8

Daily Farm Photo: 3/8/06

Another Farmyard Still Life


  1. I was wondering where I left my hat.(We chickenz prefer a sturdy chapeau.)

  2. Hi Farmgirl, My name is Trailady and I live on a small hobby farm. I raise laying hens of a wide variety. I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 Guinea Pigs and my oldest daughter has a pet snake! I really enjoyed the pictures of your farm. I will visit again sometime. PS. Is the beautiful black and tan dog a Border Collie??

  3. I'm playing the "guess what the farm object is" and losing today: it's a pie tin and. . . what's on top of it?

  4. Ah, FG, I know They aren't laying eggs like They should (cross that make it: like you would) but now you stopped feeding them? I object!

  5. Ha ha, this is too much fun. It's very entertaining reading your guesses and comments. Won't spoil it just yet. . .

    Hi Trailady,
    Welcome to the farm! Wow, sounds like you have quite a menagerie to keep you busy. So glad you enjoyed your visit here. Looking foward to hearing from you again.

    Oh, I'll have to tell Lucky Buddy Bear you called him beautiful--he adores compliments. He is 1/2 Australian Shepherd and 1/2 English Shepherd. Both his parents were from long lines of purebred, excellent stockdogs. We are so lucky to have him on the farm.

  6. Your blog is lovely! Your daily photos are so peaceful and offer a beautiful reminder of life outside the big city. Thank you!

  7. I won't spoil the fun but may I hope you have found another way? I mean, it's not totally obsolete is it?

  8. I forgot all about this little mystery. It's a two piece chicken waterer! (For giving chickens drinks, as opposed to watering them so they'll grow. : )


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