Thursday, January 12

Daily Farm Photo: 1/12/06

Donkey Doodle Dandy Soaks Up Some Morning Sun


  1. he is so cute i want to give him a giant hug!

  2. Ohhh, do you need a name for him? I want to adopt Eyor!!
    I run by donkeys every day at home in CT and I always bring them apples. It's a mom and her little baby. They're so cute. Is it ok to give them apples? Now that I think of it?

  3. Susan,

    I've tagged you for the This Year I Dare meme.

  4. I love donkeys! Nice photo:)

  5. Ah, this donkey looks so cute; but is he really? I've heard donkeys can be quite stubborn.

  6. So cute ... I love your blog!

  7. Hi Dan! So handsome you are! :)

  8. Morning Uncle Dan!!
    Did you put some sun block?

  9. Animals are the best at their fuzziest - in winter!

  10. Hi Rae,
    Yes, Dan's huggable factor is definitely off the charts. Plus he even lets me rub his big furry ears. : )

    Hi Baking Soda,
    'Adorable' was the first word that popped out of my mouth when I saw him for the first time. And he just keeps getting more adorable. (Yes, I am head over heels for my silly little donkey.)

    Hi Mona,
    Sorry, he doesn't need a name. Donkey Doodle Dandy is his name! Though he usually goes by 'Dan.'

    How fun to have donkeys as neighbors. I'm sure they love the apple treats. And I'm sure Dan cannot understand why I keep forgetting to bring him apples and carrots. Oops.

    Hi Kevin,
    Yikes! Another meme! Thanks for tagging me. I'll just line this one up with the other three or four I still need to do (yes, So Cal Foodie, that includes the kitchen meme you tagged me for ages ago!)

    I think maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to simply do all the memes. And when will I get to them? Oh, I'm sure most of you know the answer by now: Soon!

    Hi It's Only Fuel,
    Oh good. A fellow donkey lover. That means there is at least one more person who realizes that I'm not crazy--just enamored with DDD. : )

    Hi Tim,
    Welcome to the farm! Well, Dan can definitely be a bit stubborn. I mean, I don't really expect him to do anything he doesn't want to do, LOL. And once in a while he does go a little berserk. Then there's his braying, of course, which defies description--and I believe breaks sound barriers.

    On the other hand, he generally has a very sweet disposition and loves attention. And of course he's adorable to look at. : )

    Hi Kat,
    I knew you'd been wanting to see a new photo of him!

    Hi Ivonne,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Jeff,
    No, he's not coming to live with you no matter how much you kiss up to him. (And I still can't believe he let you in the gate that time during the Name That Sheep Contest. I still think about that comment and LOL. Thanks.) : )

    Hi Sha,
    Silly girl. Donkeys don't need sunblock. Sheep sometimes do, but only when I shear them too close. Yep, twice I accidentily turned The Chippers pink!

    Hi Nic,

  11. hey...that is my donkey. love you Dan. stacey

  12. Yo Stacey,
    Back away from the donkey! : )

  13. What a beautiful donkey. He looks like a really sweet, mellow guy.

  14. I think Dan needs a pony,a friend to chum around with :) Love your blog and glad to see you are getting out and about. Take care.


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