Tuesday, January 17

This Blog By Any Other Name. . .

How About 'I Heart Hens?'

Ahem. No, I'm not changing the name of my blog. It's Farmgirl Fare, and it's going to stay Farmgirl Fare. What I was going to say before that poultry interruptus is that this blog by any other name would be easier to remember.

I started thinking about it, and I realized that many of you might not know the secret shortcut to Farmgirl Fare. While the official Blogger address is foodiefarmgirl.blogspot.com, you can sneak in through the Back 40 by way of farmgirlfare.com. How easy is that?

So if you're spreading the word about my blog to a fellow farm loving foodie friend (thank you!), all you have to remember is farmgirlfare.com. Oh, and please be sure to tell them to come hungry, shut all gates behind them, and for goodness sake, don't believe a word the chickens say!


  1. LOL

    Have to watch those chickens, who knows what they would call the blog if they had the chance ;)

  2. I love the Rhode Islands. What a great picture!


  3. Those chicken make your blog LOL

    there the reason i keep coming back :-)

    have a great day farmgirl

  4. Whitey and I are too lady-like to stoop to defending ourselves against unfounded aspersions, ms.foodyfarmgirl-smartypants.

    The reputation of farmyard poultry for veracity speaks for itself. (Cluck.cluck.)

    I look chic, no? ( I do mean chic, not "chick")

  5. Okay, asking you to change the name of your blog ranks right up there with asking you to give up your Southern Missouri Location! Who would dare? *rolls eyes and groans*

    Okay, I repeat this... pull out your Missouri USA map --- Look toward the southern end... See farmgirl waving??? That's where she is!

    name change indeed... ha!

    Many blessings FarmGirl!

  6. I love all your pictures. And your little sheep art. :)

  7. change the name.. well no
    but u can prob change yr URL just to farm girl

    and dont let those chickens decide will ya?

  8. Susan,

    I want the recipe for that bread you had in yesterday's post.

  9. Susan, do you have a preference for which url we use on our links?

  10. Hi Clare,
    Wouldn't it be nice if those two hens would focus on laying eggs instead of hacking into my computer all the time?

    Yesterday when I was at the natural foods store (where I used to sell my excess eggs) buying eggs laid by someone else's chickens, the owner looked down at my purchase and said, "Don't you have chickens anymore?" Talk about embarrassing! : )

    Hi Miranda,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm! Actually, Lindy is a Cherry Egger, but you know how it is with chickens, sometimes they all look alike. : )

    Hi Abe/Happy,
    Oh sure, side with the hens. Traitor.

    Okay, chicken Lindy, I'm just gonna skip right past you here. I can't believe you publicly referred to me as 'ms.foodyfarmgirl-smartypants.' This is war, chickie.

    Hi Heather,
    If the name of my blog suddenly changes, blame anything with feathers!

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks so much, and welcome to the farm!

    Hi Sha,
    Maybe I didn't explain things very well (or else your mind is still taken over by dreams of ham hocks, LOL. Farmgirl Fare is the name of the blog. farmgirlfare.com is the easy way to get there! : )

    Hi Kevin,

    Hi Kalyn,
    Oooh, I love links! As far as which URL to use, farmgirlfare.com only works to get you to the homepage. All permalinks will come up with the foodiefarmgirl.blogspot address. If you want to link to the homepage, I'd go for the shorter farmgirlfare.com. Thanks!

    What I'm mainly trying to do is let people know that you can find the farm at farmgirlfare.com. So easy to remember. : )

  11. i think the chickens are registering:

    hee hee

  12. Hi Kitchenmage,
    Oh sure. Egg them on. Thanks a lot!

  13. i wish i could be a chicken. scratchin' and cluckin' doesn't seem half bad.

  14. love your chickens, from another chicken lover! Maybe you can guess whay mt hens were fighting the other day, check my chicken blog. Thanks!


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