Wednesday, January 18

Daily Farm Photo: 1/18/06

Tree sock?


  1. guess the tree was cold too! looks like a nice warm sock to me.

    many blessings FarmGirl.

  2. It looks like a giant leg and hoof to me! It's the rare and elusive Deer Tree.

  3. It's a leg warmer. The Eighties are coming back!

  4. I am really digging your desaturation again.
    thank you for the nice comment on my blog today!

  5. What a great photo! I love all those leaves- wish I had some of those here on the Texas Prairie! Great for composting!

    I've been enjoying your blog about the farm and the recipes!

  6. PLEASE don't bring back the 80's!!

    I think it looks like a giant hoof too!

    Happy Wednesday, FG!

  7. leg warmer hahha cool the tree warm ;-)

    reminds me of this girl at the gym she comes in with 80s outfit, layers top leggings and leg warmer ;-)

  8. Hi Heather,
    It was really funny walking through the forest and seeing all these trees with green socks on.

    Hi Shannon,
    Welcome to the farm! The 'elusive Deer Tree'--I love it. : )

    Hi Tana,
    NO, NO, NO. The '80s are not coming back. They can't. Besides the fact that I couldn't stand most of the music, I JUST got rid of my original Jane Fonda Workout record!

    Hi Sam,
    You're welcome. And congratulations and good luck at the Food Blog Awards! I hope everyone remembered to vote. Want to discover oodles of wonderful food blogs? Just click on that link above.

    Hi Homesteadherbs,
    Thanks and welcome to the farm! So glad you've been enjoying yourself here. Wow, I couldn't even imagine life without leaves. Yes, they are great for composting and sometimes actually make it into my five compost bins. But no laborious raking allowed around here! : )

    Hi Jeff,
    See above. The '80s are NOT coming back.

    Hi Sha,
    Oh geez, the '80s memories are flooding back now. I probably still have a whole pile of legwarmers tucked away somewhere. Actually, they would come in quite handy in this drafty old house. Ack! I can't believe I just said that. Somebody slap me!


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