Saturday, January 21

Daily Farm Photo: 1/21/06

Another Heart Rock For My Collection


  1. Shaped more like a HUMAN heart than a "Valentine" heart! Cool!


  2. Funny. I don't recall ever seeing a heart-shaped rock before. Of course now that I've said that I'll see them everywhere. That sounds like a cool collection. How many do you have?

  3. kewl, will look forward to seeing it with your collection you have on that stoop i have seen before.

    many blessings FG

  4. Awesome! I haven't been commenting (teacher, end of the semester rush, you get the picture...), but I have been lurking. Checking your blog definitely makes the day easier!

  5. I don't recall ever seeing heart shaped rocks either, but I going to be on the lookout now.

  6. If you're going to collect rocks, heart-shaped ones are probably the nicest. What will you do when you get a whole bunch of them?

  7. Hi Clare,
    Me, too.

    Hi BB & FJBT,
    Leave it to the medical professional to point that out. No wonder I can't get that one to sit up nice and straight like the others--it has a rounded backside. : )

    Hi Dining Dica,
    I just started collecting heart shaped rocks about a year or so ago. Lately, though, I've been finding more and more. Yesterday was a record score: four during my afternoon walk! I think I have about 40 altogether now.

    Hi Heather,
    Yep, if you click on the links in this photo caption, you can see some older photos of my other heart rocks. The majority of them are lined up on a stone ledge next to the front door to the house. I love seeing them every time I go by. What's really neat is that the colors of the heart rocks match the colors of the stones on the front of the house, as those stones came from the old quarry near our farm.

    Hi Melissa,
    Welcome to the comments section of the farm! So glad you decided to come out from behind the barn and say hello--this is where we have all the fun! I look forward to hearing from you again. : )

    Hi Urban Agrarian,
    I never really specifically looked for them, it was more like they just kind of started popping out. But now I wonder if I'm subconsciously on the lookout. I sure am finding a lot more. I love all the different shapes and sizes. Let me know if you find some!

    Hi B'gina,
    I also collect other rocks to use around the yard and garden as landscaping (click here to see a photo), but I definitely love my heart rocks the best.

    I guess when I have them lined up along the entire side of the house by the front door, I'll have to come up with somewhere else to start tucking them. I doubt I could stop collecting them---and looking for them. The good news is that--unlike so many things I have collected in the past--these are absolutely free! : )

  8. i collect heart shaped rocks too! sometimes i even find a shell, a shadow, or some other heart in nature and it reminds me that the one who created them loves me. :)

    (found you through nana's blog, btw) :)

    heidi jo


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