Sunday, January 8

Weekend Dog Blogging #16

No Squirrel Is Safe

Attention Dog Lovers! It's time for Weekend Dog Blogging!
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Sweetnicks on Sunday night for the complete roundup. We'd love to have you join us. Just post your pup and e-mail the permalink to Sweetnicks.

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Carnival Of The Dogs at Mickey's Musings. And at The Friday Ark you'll find dozens of links to every kind of critter imaginable.

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  1. What is that leaning against the base of that tree? They look like large, flat rocks. (Nice dog!)

  2. this pic reminds me of my dog in Stockholm. once she smells a squirrel thats it she is in diff world.

  3. Hi Pablo,
    Nothing like responding to a four month old question, LOL. Yes, I think those are indeed large flat rocks. Lots of rocks were turned up when the county turned what was a tiny horsetrail into a logging road large enough for an 18-wheel logging truck to drive through.

    Hi Sha,
    There's no getting through to their brains when the instincts have kicked in, that's for sure. : )


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