Tuesday, January 31

Daily Farm Photo: 1/31/06

Being Adorable Is Thirsty Work


  1. Yup, he's thirsty from all that posing to look so cute! You really work him way too hard.

    So, does he slosh his water around in his trough in the summer? My horses used to shove thier head into the water troughs -- yep, holding their breath -- and slosh water everywhere. My old gelding loved to go swimming too.

  2. Tell me about it! And you wonder why I am always drinking......er. You know what I mean.

  3. Hi Kat,
    Not cute. Adorable! : )

    Hi Tim,
    : )

    Hi Heather,
    Ha ha--I work him way too hard. Riiiight. Um, so far I haven't seen Dan doing any underwater sloshing in his trough. Thank goodness. And we don't have a pool so he can't go swimming. Another 'thank goodness!' I think there's enough crazy stuff going on around here already. : )

    Hi Jeff,
    Good one.

    Hi Alisha,
    Especially after he's just trotted all around his pen putting on a little show (or, um, terrorizing his little woolly charges. But we know he wouldn't do anything like that.)

  4. This donkey has grown on me. He is quite the photogenic one.

    Keep up the good work.


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