Thursday, January 19

Daily Farm Photo: 1/19/06

Those leaves didn't just land on his back. Yes, apparently even llamas love to roll around on the ground. Or do you think he simply learned it from Bear?


  1. Awe... Does he have a name yet? I love that big white star on his forehead.

    I bet he gets itchies with that thick winter wear he's got on. I would roll too..... and roll and roll and roll.

    Many Blessings FG!

  2. Hi Cara,
    Um, actually I have two llamas! You must have somehow missed their arrival. Click here if you'd like to read about the night I bought them, and click here to read a little bit about my big woolly purchases. : )

    Hi Heather,
    Uh, well, err. . . no, he doesn't actually have a name yet. I think I may have one for his snooty sidekick, but it isn't final yet. Of course I'll let you know when it is! : )

    Hi Sailu,
    Did you miss the arrival of the llamas, too? : )

    What next? Well, I think we're about full up for now. Except for ordering new chicks in the spring. And of course we should start having baby lambs in a few weeks. Never a dull moment (even if I'm not at the auction barn!) : )

  3. New chicks. Ahem.
    Do you get the feeling Whitey and I are being set up for something here?
    That girl's too clever by half. I figured if we never laid any eggs, we'd be,well,irreplaceable.

  4. ahh glad i know the llama story
    hey let me tell you when you are baking or blogging...
    bear, dan and everyone teach your llamas circus tricks...

    one day they will just line up for a show and dont forget to put that on the blog ;-)

    am just feeling good.. got new non stick muffin moulds maybe if time allows am going to bake the recipe u posted long time ago.

    I collect farm girls recipe... dont charge me ...

  5. Lindy, Lindy, Lindy,
    Well, it seems you two (clipped wing) birds have flown to even greater heights--at least in the hacking department. I no longer receive your comments via email along with everyone else's. I have to hunt yours down. Which is why I missed this one until today.

    Okay, let's just go over this one more time, ladies. You thought that not laying eggs would somehow (????) make you irreplaceable? Sorry, but that is just some kind of clucked up chicken logic. : )

    This is how it really goes:
    You don't lay, you don't stay.

    Hey, nobody ever said farm life was easy.

    Now that oughta do it!

    Like I'd ever get rid of those two girls. As Whitey herself pointed out, she's practically an icon! : )

    Hi Sha,
    Oh, great. I get the chickens under control and find out there's a circus performance going on behind my back. Does it never end?

    No charge of course for the recipes. But I sure could use a few Chocolate Babycakes right now. Oh, alright. I really want a dozen. : )


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