Wednesday, January 25


Yo! Does My Bod Look Good In This?

Oh, please. DMBLGIT stands for Does My Blog Look Good In This, and it's the name of a fun food blogger photo competition. The first DMBLGIT of 2006 is being hosted by Andrew at
Spittoon, and, um, the deadline to enter just closed. (Sorry.)

But if you want to see 46 ambrosial food photos, discover delectable new food blogs, and find out how you can enter (or even host) the next DMBLGIT, click
here. So which December 2005 food photo did I enter? I guess you'll just have to go see for yourself. Warning: don't head over there hungry. And thanks to Andrew for getting things rolling this year.


  1. So. Whitey and I were very disappointed to discover that the picture you entered was a bunch of cookies. Okay. Biscotti. Whatever.

    Not chickens. Now is that what this post implied? We don't think so. We're feeling just a teeny bit betrayed, Ms. farmgirlie.

    Where is the DMCLGIT roundup?

  2. Yo Whitey! Your Bod Would Look Good In This...toasted bun! Hahaha!


  3. I think your blog looks great in that ... great photo!

  4. I've always thought you looked best on that swing. You're wearing that long cotton dress and the long white gloves. Your golden hair is cascading behind you, spilling out from under the straw hat you are wearing. The smile on your face is timeless. You're embodying all that is good and great about rural life.

    Wait . . .

  5. Okay Lindy,
    Listen up, my little feathered friend. First of all, that picture of Whitey wasn't even supposed to be there. Once again she hacked into my computer and switched photos on me.

    Secondly, this post did not imply that the contest had anything to do with chickens. It has to do with food. Do you two consider yourselves food?

    Thirdly, if you want to talk about feeling betrayed, let's discuss how betrayed I feel by your lack of laying eggs! It's been months.

    And lastly, if there was a Does My Chicken Look Good In This roundup, I really don't think you'd like it. (See Jeff's comment below yours for a little example.)


    Hi Jeff,
    You tell her! : )

    Hi Ivonne,
    Thanks so much.

    Hi Pablo,

    But the funniest thing about your comment is something you don't even realize. Lindy and Whitey actually have their own swing in their chicken run. (Don't ask.)

    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  6. Ah, Pablo. A gentleman and a scholar. Perhaps you could, uh, take Jeff aside and give him a few pointers ?

    Susan, Susan, Susan. Does everything have to be about food? W and I will not stoop to reply. We're too busy weaving garlands for Pablo.

  7. rut-rut. I think I ticked off the chickenz.....that's never good.


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