Sunday, January 15

Daily Farm Photo: 1/15/06

Nice Green Hay On A Very Cold Day


  1. love this photo, such a great juxoposition, frost/green. Happy creature.

  2. My brother, a person possibly sillier even than myself, as a kid used to sing his own "Burro Version" of the somewhat overwrought song "Maria", from "West Side Story." (Being a little boy, he naturally considered the original ridiculously sentimental.)

    I don't remember the whole masterpiece, but when ever I see Uncle Dan, I can't help but think of the verse I do remember:

    Mar-HEE HAW,
    Sing it loud, and there's music playing,
    Mar-HEE HAW,
    Say it soft and it's almost like braying.

    A donkey love song.

  3. i loevd the muted, desaturated colours.

  4. bon appetite uncle dan!

  5. I understand this works for cows, but I'm not sure about donkeys:

    Feed them (an increased portion) of the poorest quality hay on the coldest days because they have to work harder to digest it, thus generating more internal heat?

    Maybe a horse owner would know?

    SB (worried about cold creatures)

  6. Hi Kelly,
    I do my best to keep Dan happy, 'cause he's really loud when he isn't! : )

    Hi Lindy,
    Oh my goodness. I think you're right. Your brother might actually be sillier than you are. He definitely sounds like a kick. I LOVE the song and am so glad you shared it with me. Thanks for the laughs (from this and all those crazy Lindy chicken comments as well.)

    Hi Sam,
    Those would be winter colors. Not seen too much in the SF Bay Area. Over 11 years here, and I'm still getting used to the four season thing. : )

    Hi Sha,
    : )

    Hi SB,
    Hmmmm. That's an interesting theory I'm not famliar with. I do know that you need to be sure that your animals are getting enough calories and nutrients when they're eating hay (vs. fresh pasture). In the winter when my ewes are pregnant, I supplement their diet with alfalfa and grain because a pregnant sheep literally cannot consume the calories she needs each day just from hay--too much of her stomach space is taken up by her unborn lamb(s). She needs something more calorie dense.

    As far as Dan being too cold, I don't think you have to worry. He has two huts, plus he can always cuddle up to his seven little woolly charges! Thanks for your concern, though. That's really sweet. : )


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