Wednesday, May 10

Daily Farm Photo: 5/10/06

Low Maintenance Livestock

Lamb Report: Ding! Ding! Ding! Is that a sheep I hear? It will be soon, as the latest tactic in our war against the unseen lamb eater is to outfit several of the sheep with bells around their necks. If the sheep become frightened and start to run or scuffle about, the ringing (if it can be heard over the Non-Stop Classic Rock) should help to scare off a would-be attacker. Also, I have a feeling that it won't take long for the dogs to learn that the ring-a-ling-a-ling means trouble--and they will know to head straight for it. So we'll be baaing with bells on, thanks to this suggestion from fellow shepherd Rain at Rainy Day Thoughts. Current Lamb Count: 21. Number of unhapppy sheep that just learned they will be penned up all day eating hay since we'll be off the farm: Every single adult. (The lambs don't know they're supposed to protest loudly, balk at walking through the mud out to the hay, and then refuse to eat said hay out of protest. They're too busy bouncing. Severe case of bouncing sickness has hit. Happens every year.)


  1. gorgeous. beautiful piece. beautiful photo

  2. I have a feeling that "bouncing sickness" isn't such a bad thing to have!

  3. "bouncing sickness"

    Like Roo and Tigger!

  4. Sounds like you might have another solution to the problem of disappearing sheep. When we were at the sheep show we noticed there were a few sheep who had those "cow" bells on them. I wasn't sure if that was for theft or what. There were a lot of folks at the show. Could someone walk off with a sheep and no one notice?

  5. I didn't even think to mention that - we have bells on three of our goats - they're pygmies - and pretty portable unfortunately - the bells are a great idea - it sounds like walking wind chimes...

  6. We should all get hit with a severe case of "bouncing sickness". Shake out the cobwebs and have some fun!

    Felice, Portland, Maine


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