Tuesday, May 9

Daily Farm Photo: 5/9/06


Lamb Report: Number of pregnant ewes abducted by aliens for a couple of hours yesterday (while we conducted a frantic search): 1. Current Lamb Count: 21. Alien Sightings: 0.

Reminder To Self: Impatience is not a virtue. Thunderstorm + Dial-Up + Blogger = Nothing But Frustration. Always. Duh. During such times, back away from the computer and go do something useful, like count (okay, cuddle) lambs and look for aliens.


  1. Hello Farmgirl,
    Okay, Lambies are adorable...
    Donkeys are too...
    But my favorites have to be
    Sun on the horizon pics all the way thru!

    *giggles and wanders off for some in town fun.*

  2. *Sigh*

    That's stunning.

    I think "counting" lambs sounds like a good way to spend some time!

  3. Pretty sky!
    As for impatience, Blogger way really slow this morning, it wasn't just you.

  4. Ahhhh...those views make you slow down and appreciate things, don't they? Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the nice way to wake up!

  5. Maybe that's why my horses were so spooky and goosy this morning when I went down to feed them. Aliens ... !

    I suspect that aliens know that sheep are probably easier to load into a spaceship than a couple of my horses would be.

  6. The aliens probably want to know how they can get soft wooly hair and pretty faces so they'll get lots of hugs too.

    Spectacular sky. Makes me want to say "thank you."

    I would take cuddling lambs any day to playing on my computer.

    Felice, Portland, Maine

  7. The caption on this should be:

    And on the 8th Day, God Made Chickenz. Hallelujah!


  8. Beware... there may be an alien in sheep's clothing...


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