Wednesday, May 31

Daily Farm Photo: 5/31/06

Buzzard Break


  1. What a deliciously spooky picture.

  2. this is absolutely gorgeous. i'm new to your site but your stories just blow me away. i'd love to pull a you and move to a farm too +)

  3. Now, that is an Edgar Allen Poe picture. Stunning!

  4. I wonder what those buzzards are saying to one another...maybe, "patience my ass, I'm going to kill something!" (I actually saw that on a poster w/ two buzzards sitting in a tree along a desert highway). Hopefully, these guys are vegetarians!!


  5. Felice, you are so right. Deliciously spooky.

    Buzzards have to wait, don't they, as they eat carrion? I think it makes them spookier, that they are waiting .....

    This would make a great halloween card/illustration, as is, or turned into an old-fashioned cut paper silouette.(sp?)

    Are they turkey buzzards?

  6. Oh, I love this - very cool picture. A picture truly is worth a thousand words sometimes!

  7. Now if only you could get a chicken up there to perch with them...THAT would be a really cool picture!

    Maybe if you throw one up there towards a branch, it will grab onto it? Just a suggestion.

  8. lindy (the chicken)and whitey6/01/2006 8:30 PM

    Hey Jeffy- Maybe some one should throw you onto one of those big old cacti you people grow out there. See if you stick. We're just sayin'....

  9. Hi Lindy (the chicken) and whitey! You been talkin' to Joe? He threatens to do that to me just about every day....I smell a conspiracy....or is that just a chicken...? Har har har =:o

  10. Jeff, jeff, jeff. Joe is obviously a gentleman and a scholar (or,as we chickenz say, a good egg), and would not engage in conspiracies. We are sure he would never make rude comments about chickenz. Or smell funny.

  11. LTC = The Devil!! Save yourself, LTP!!


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