Thursday, May 18

Daily Farm Photo: 5/18/06

Four Things Found One Day In The Forest: Photo 1 of 4

This Has Been Hiding In Here A While

Lamb Report: Too beat for much of a report. Everybody is accounted for and tucked in for the night. Spotlights and radio are on. I've been counting sheep so many times I keep forgetting the right numbers I'm supposed to come up with. Current Lamb Count: 22. Number of donkeys that went berserk today: 1 (he's fine now). Number of ravenous farmgirls heading to the kitchen in search of a very late dinner (we don't do that chic, late night dining thing on the farm if we can help it): 1.


  1. my design aesthetic has always skewed to the industrial and I find this to be a very attractive hubcap.

  2. counting sheep is supposed to make you sleepy, no wonder you lose track, Ha!

  3. Circa 1955? Pickup?
    my guess

  4. So what was Uncle Dan so upset about?

  5. I'd say 49 Chev?

    The "Bowtie" was painted blue and the background was red.

  6. More Chicken Art. It is the placement of the Found Object which expresses the Poultry Vision.

    Whitey and I are expecting a MacArthur Grant (or is that a MacDonald's Grant?) to pursue these, er, themes and stuff. We thought maybe farmgirl would write a recommendation for us, whenever she has a little time for someone other than a sheep.

  7. I'm no expert on the hubcaps, but can't find an image in '49 or '55 that is similar and the repousse work looks to be hand done..'30's maybe?

  8. Hi Steven,
    I thought it was quite nice myself. Between having a background in graphic design and spending years buying, selling, and collecting all kinds of antiques and collectibles, I look for good 'design' in all kinds of places--and usually find it.

    Hi Keewee,
    You're right!

    Hi Paintbrush Poet,
    I actually have no idea as to the origins of this hubcap. But I figured since I posted a photo of a Ford hubcap back in January (click here), I'd better put the Chevy up, too. : )

    Hi Sunidesus,
    What was Uncle Dan upset about? Okay, let me preface my answer with this:

    The farrier and his son who came by last week to give Donkey Doodle Dandy his first pedicure were extremely nice and couldn't have treated Dan any better. They loved him, and the farrier now refers to him as "Your Little Dandy."

    Okay, so on Thursday (the day I posted this photo and report), the farrier stopped by because he was in the neighborhood, I had left him a message asking a couple of things about Dan's hooves, and we'd been playing phone tag for days. Great.

    Naturally this is the one late afternoon the sheep and Dan are still way out yonder grazing. I knew they were at the edge of a far field up the creekbed (the wet-weather creek is still running up there--actually the entire thing runs all the time but usually it's underground), so he and I and Cary started marching through the brush on the bank above the creek to find Dan.

    We finally find him and the sheep. They are meandering down the creekbed, heading toward home, some of them turning into the front field. Dan sees us and suddenly starts to get a little jumpy. Then he trots across the creek, up the bank, and out into the field where he proceeds to race around and around the sheep in circles, going so fast I thought the sheep would start spinning. They're getting a bit frantic as he is sort of (but not really, I tell myself) chasing them. I am getting a bit more than a bit frantic. I look at the farrier and say, "Do you think he's doing this because you're here?" He didn't think so, saying it looked like Dan was just playing and being frisky. (Dan has been known to go berserk like this before.)

    Then he suddenly turns toward the driveway and shoots down it toward the barn at absolute top donkey speed, leaving a trail of dust and a field full of bewildered sheep behind him.

    I am standing with my mouth hanging open when the farrier, who had been staying down in the brush out of the way (and out of Dan's sight I think), walked over to me and Cary.

    "Did you see him run off?" I asked.

    "Yep. Looks like his feet are just fine!"

    I'm pretty sure Dan got a whiff of the farrier's aftershave and just went temporarily nuts. There wasn't really any explanation for this, though. I even said to the farrier, "It's not as if you did something horrible and painful to him or something." The whole pedicure procedure went very well (once they finally caught him up--but they were both extremely patient during the entire lengthy process). No yelling, no hitting Dan, nothing at all like that.

    So who knows. The most amusing part about the farrier's visit, though, had to do with Cary. When we started walking out to find Dan, I just let Cary walk along behind me, but when the footing got a little tricky, I picked her up. Then when we went down the bank to the creekbed, I stepped in a big hole and fell down. I was fine, but he offered to hold Cary. I said that was okay, I could hold her.

    Later when I put her down to walk, and then another time, he again offered to carry her, and I said he really didn't have to.

    Not until he left did it hit me: I think he just really wanted to hold my adorable little lamb, but didn't want to come right out and say it! I can't blame him, as she is pretty irresistible. He thought it was such a kick that she walked right along behind me through the woods.

    I just wish I'd realized earlier that he wanted to hold her.

    Hi Srhcb,
    I don't know--I thought you would. You're the one who identified the Ford hubcap I posted in January. Ooh, I bet it looked very nice in blue and red.

    Hi Lindy (the chicken),
    Oh my. Unlike you and Whitey, who obviously have way too much time on your, um, feet--some of us are a little busy around here. I'll see what I can do about the recommendation. In the meantime, I really must go check on the sheep.

    Hi again Steven,
    I have no idea, but now I'm very curious. I hope somebody figures it out.

  9. I didn't know anybody would be that interested in the hubcap. Anyway, in the 30's and early 40's Chevy used the word "chevrolet" rather than the bowtie on hibcaps, and it doesn't look like anything from the mid 50's on.

    I still suspect late 40-early 50's is the best guess:

    If I knew the diameter it would help. What appears to be 3 swirls is confusing. These may not be part of the design?


  10. Hi Srhcb,
    Sounds like I need to go back into the forest with a tape measure! This little mystery is kind of fun--at least I think so. This one is a lot flatter than the "dog dish" ones one the ebay link you left. Personally, with the way the roads (still) are around here, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire rest of the car was hiding somewhere in the forest, too. : )

  11. Oh my! That certainly is one crazy donkey, well at least temporarily anyway.

    And I don't blame the farrier one bit! I'd want to hold Cary too!


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