Saturday, May 13

Daily Farm Photo: 5/13/06

Morning Mist Rising Off The Wet Weather Creek

Lamb Report: So we're still playing Non-Stop Classic Rock in the barn to help scare off the coyotes (can't get any other stations to come in). Last night while I was down there for a final check before bed, Alice Cooper announced that "if you don't have anything better to do, you can email me." I was this close to letting him know that he has a wider audience than probably even he could imagine. Of course, his barnyard listeners aren't exactly tuning into his show by choice (well, at least one is). Who knows. Maybe I'll email him tonight--if I don't have anything better to do. Current Lamb Count: 22. Number of times I counted lambs yesterday evening before I came up with the correct number: Felt like 90. (This is more difficult to do than it sounds.)

Donkey Report: Trimmed hooves look spiffy, and I'm back to being loved about 90%--won't let me touch his ears yet. (Which, by the way, the farrier announced were quite small for a donkey. Maybe that's what makes Dan so much cuter than the average donkey).


  1. I would love to have thsi as a wall mural. It's beuatiful!

    Tell Dan his fan club thinks he looks cute as a button :)

  2. Am glad that Dan is coming around to getting hugs again. Guess I can't say as I blame him for not taking to the farrier -- I am a person and I don't like having someone work on my feet -- it tickles regardless of how careful they are. (getting to ones toes while 38 weeks pregnant can prove to be quite the ordeal - been there 5 times, thankfully no more.) However, am sure Dan has already realized just how much better those hooves are to move around on now that they are trimmed.

    Beautiful pictures the past few days! Have not had much more time then to get blog downloaded and have to run.

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh--you should e-mail Alice. Seriously! My sister knew him, and he would get a big kick out of hearing about his power in fighting off coyotes!

    And the pictures are wonderful.

  4. I say we all chip in and get the lambs an iTunes account and they can download whatever they want to hear.

  5. Oh Dan! You look so sweet and cuddly after your "makeover." I think a big peanut butter sandwich crisped up in a waffle iron would be a perfect reward for being so patient.

    Felice, Portland, Maine

  6. Is there any chance that the coyotes are getting habituated to the constant nocturnal music? I'd think they are clever enuf to figure out that ruse by now.


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