Saturday, May 27

Weekend Cat Blogging #51

Cat Shelf

Attention Cat Lovers! This Is Weekend Cat Blogging #51!
See fun feline photos & discover tasty new food blogs. Visit my pal Clare & the gorgeous guest cat this week over at
Eat Stuff in Australia for all the links to this week's kitties (plus news about next week's very special edition of Weekend Cat Blogging). For more cat snapshots, catch the traveling Carnival Of The Cats each Sunday night. And the weekly Friday Ark boards everything from cats to cephalopods.


  1. Why do some of us have to be allergic to something so darn cute?

  2. bb & fjbt, I am one of those unfortunates with the allergies... I live in a constant haze of anti-histamine buzz, runny nose and itchy eyes..... but I still love my kitty!

    What a cute cat picture FG; cats do love those little nooks and crannies for resting in.

  3. I agree, cats always manage to wedge themselves into a nice spot. In fact, if I put down a nice store bought cat bed, my cat will reject it in favor of a shoe box.

  4. I think J2 does protest too much ;)

    he looks so cute watching you there

  5. J2 is such a sweetheart. Kitties just love shelves.

  6. cats love small and secret hiding places from where they can observe everything...
    J2 is very sweet looking!

  7. Some people arent allergic to cats per se rather to irritations involving them.


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