Monday, May 15

Daily Farm Photo: 5/15/06

Sheep Crossing

Lamb Report: The wet weather creek is still running (hooray!), but late yesterday afternoon some of the sheep decided it was low enough to safely cross over to one of their favorite grazing spots, and so they took the plunge. (Well, I suppose 'the splash' would be more appropriate--there was no swimming involved.) Unfortunately many of those brave woolies were mothers whose kids did not think it was at all safe to cross the creek, so things got quite noisy for a while until Bear and I made everyone splash back through to the other side. My Mother's Day gift from the sheep? They all went into the barn for the night without a fight! And it only took me four tries to get the correct lamb count. Current Lamb Count: 22. Number of baby lambs curled up asleep at my feet as I type this: 1.

P.S. I'm just thrilled that so many of you enjoyed my little Mother's Day Lamb 'Tail.' Thanks, as always, for taking the time to write and let me know.


  1. I have found myself pouring my first cup of morning coffee and checking your blog. Thank you for opening your curtains to let us view nature from your window of the world. For those of us who are surrounded by board fences, it is so beautiful and uplifting.

  2. They look like they're enjoying themselves. I was looking at the creek and I was thinking it was a good thing it's not a permanant creek or that fallen tree next to it would be prime copperhead territory.

  3. It's a cool rainy morning here in the city, and I find myself listening to the rain and imagining it's filling up your wet-weather creek and and I can smell the if only i had a lamb at my feet. Thank you for a little vacation from the city.

  4. I hope if I come back in another life that I can live on a farm. I realize it is hard work 24-7, but the rewards of being surrounded by such loving animals in the middle of acres of untouched land, I am positive I would be happy. Your new baby Cary is so adorable I have her on my computer desktop. You both were meant for each other. God bless.

    Felice, Portland, Maine

  5. Thank you for your beautiful story about Caraway and her Mom. I found your site last Friday and have been having trouble working since then....too busy reading about your farm. Best wishes to all of you and a sincere thanks for allowing us to peek into the life on a farm.

  6. your blog is like a good book, i keep coming back to see what has happened next...thanks for sharing!

  7. I too loved the story of Caraway. I was telling a friend today how much I enjoy both of your blogs farmgirl. Thanks!

  8. Oh baby Caraway is so cute! You are such a good mom, Farmgirl! I hope baby Caraway's leg will be okay? Please let us know how she's getting along... you've created a little bit of heaven here on earth for that little one -- you are a good, good person.

  9. Thank you!
    I am so glad that Cary is was curled at your feetas you write. Your Mother's Day post was a wonderful gift.

  10. Susan,

    I'm just waiting now for a nice picture of you and the baby "in the house"!!!!! We've gotta have a picture of Cary at your feet!

    Love your blog

  11. Hello! My name is Candice, and I stumbled upon your blog here when I was googling pita recipes. I've spent the last few hours entranced by your recipes and stories of the farm. :) I can't wait to try the pita recipe tomorrow! You are a captivating writer, and it appears that you're quite the cook as well! Thanks so much for your tips and advice; I'm sure I'll be back. :)


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