Friday, May 12

Woohoo! Dan Is Done!

And (Almost) Everyone Is Happy & Smiling

They found the farm. There were no casualties (or bloodshed). I don't have to go into the Donkey Doodle Dandy baked goods business to pay for Dan's pedicure. Overall, it was a definite success (though a sedative would have been nice). So how is Dan? Well, let's just say that he has no trouble trotting along at top speed--as far away from me as he can get. I'm sure he'll forgive me eventually. As for me, I'm absolutely thrilled this little ordeal is over--and more wiped out than I thought I'd be considering I pretty much did nothing except hold a corral panel in place, hope said panel didn't crush me when Dan slammed into it, snap a few photos, make lots of small talk, and generally try to calm Dan down.

Naturally there is more to the story (as well as more photos), but you know how long it can take me to get around to writing about things sometimes, so I figured I'd put up a quick report before I go check the sheep, plant some summer squash seeds, pick a mess of about-to-bolt arugula so I can mix up another batch of arugula pesto before posting the promised recipe, eat something (too nervous to eat anything but cookie batter earlier)--and make sure my adorable, pissed off, pouting little donkey hasn't decided to run away.

Oh, the chocolate chip cookies were a very big hit.


  1. RE: "I know I should probably invent some new kind of sweet treat"

    Check this out: (scroll down)

    SB (has one)

  2. FG: You can't imagine the tension your earlier post created (at least for me), so I'm thrilled to come back and learn all went pretty well.
    Me, I was just trying to trim Bean Sprout's whiskers today, when he flicked out his tongue and I NICKED it with the scissors! Blood. Guilt.
    He forgave me, though (and he's fine now). Dan will forgive you too.

  3. Hi FG, your post prompted a look back at your very first post in June 2005, I'd never read it before, having found you round about when you were bidding for Llamas back in October! Wow, where does the time go? Puts me to the task of getting on with things, when I think of all that goes on in other peoples' lives. Have a good day and thanks for that. B

  4. He will forgive. But isn't that look they give you awful, when you've done something unpleasant-for their own good? The "You have betrayed me, after I overcame my reluctance to trust a human" look. Everytime I have to give a cat a pill, or clip his nails..

    You should see ( and hear) me taking one of my 2 felines to the vet for shots. I have no car, but the vet is only about 6 long blocks away. I put the victim cat in the cat carrier, set the cat carrier on my heavy duty shopping cart, so the cat can view the scenery, and wheel the works to the little vet's office.

    My embarrassed relations call this this my "bag lady gear."

    Both cats react to this little outing by screaming at incredible volumes the entire walk, as if being tortured. (This dispite the fact that they like the vet) Everyone on the busy city streets stares, and I expect someday to be intercepted by the police, and questioned.

    And, of course, the subject cat then shuns me ...until he wants something.

  5. I don't know if you'd tried this or not, or if you are already doing this (I'm not sure you have to manage a donkey's hooves like you do a horse's?), but you might want to handle Dan's little hooves a few times a week. Tie him with a quick release knot. Then pick up each hoove and take a little hammer or file and tap them on his hooves to get him used to what he'll experience with the farrier. This will ensure a much better pedicure experience for you, Dan, and the farrier!

    I had an appaloosa mare years ago who the previous owner had had to sedate each time the farrier came. I did this with her and no more problems...

    My farrier and I had a good laugh yesterday as he was trimming my draft horse who is now almost 4. When Toby was 2, he wasn't quite coordinated enough to stand on just 3 legs while the farrier worked on one. Poor thing actually toppled over a couple of times. He's finally growing into that big body of his and getting more coordinated. Did fine yesterday!

  6. That picture sure shows one ticked off donkey!! Better be careful, or he'll be demanding special baked goods for breakfast again ;)

    Glad to hear that everything went well though!


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