Friday, May 5

Daily Farm Photo: 5/5/06

Six Inches Of Rain In A Week Means The Return Of Our Wet Weather Creek (It's one of my favorite things about the farm.)

Life keeps going.
The garden
keeps growing.
The water keeps flowing.

And I am standing in my rubber boots in the middle of it all.
Which means the only thing I know for sure is that my feet are clean & dry.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I may have even figured some stuff out. I will write more
soon. In the meantime, I continue to puzzle over something:

How in the world did so many incredibly kind and caring people stumble upon me and my
tumbled together farm in the middle of nowhere? Thank you for you.

Current Lamb Count: 19. Number of confirmed
armadillo kills by Bad Ass Beagle: 2. (Five buzzards in the swing tree tipped me off to the location of the latest victim.)


  1. Go Robin Go :) Wet weather creek is beautiful.

  2. And thank you for bringing the beauty of farm life into our lives!

  3. Wow, what a supportive fan base from all over.It's refreshing to know their are so many like minded people. I know that I'm glad I stumbled on the your blog.
    I'm glad you back.

  4. I'm only supportive in hopes that you'll sell(donate) part of your farm to me at a ridiculously low price. :)

    Actually, you're inspirational and informative, and oh, jovial, so that's good enough reason to stop by everyday.

  5. Blogging sure can be therapeutic sometimes. I'm glad for your rain. My part of Missouri hasn't had as much, and my dismal lake shows it, but there is plenty of spring left.

  6. Welcome back. I know you have a lot of critters already, but don't you think the lambs need a good sheep dog or two? The beagle is obviously too busy with the armadillos.

  7. I'm so glad your break was short-- I count on your daily farm photos to sustain my dreary office day! Best wishes and deepest sympathy to you...

  8. Ditto. I look forward to visitng your farm each morning, before I check on my tiny garden in the backyard. My okra count: One lonely pod sitting in the freezer. That's what it gets for being wanting to be first. You have inspired me to buy The Vegetable Gardener's Bible and to order a seed catalogue from you favorite place. Those folks should pay you a commission. I love the book and have friends who are now buying theirs. I can hardly wait to receive the catalogue. It is too late to plant greens on the Texas coast, But, we have Fall gardens and you can bet I will be feasting on my home grown salad. Thank you for taking the time to share with those of us who wish we could live on a farm.

  9. what exactly do the armadillos do?

  10. So, so glad you are back!

  11. glad you're back, farmgirl. i know just what you mean about the boots...wishing i had mine here in this mucky nyc sandal weather.

    all our love,
    kate and j

  12. I'm also glad you're back. My part of Missouri has had some rain, but all it did was make my weeds grow. I enjoy your daily farm photos---my wish for "some day". Thank you.

  13. Hello. It is not raining here, yet my feet are wet. (Drain pipe demise, followed by partial basement deluge) One of those moments when I'm sooo glad to be an apartment dweller.

    I just get on the phone, and call the landlord.This stuff was a lot more taxing when I was a homeowner!

    So glad to see you back!

  14. Susan,

    RE: How in the world did so many incredibly kind and caring people stumble upon me and my tumbled together farm in the middle of nowhere?

    I can't answer your specific question. But when I do consulting about developing blogs, from a readers viewpoint, for business and political organizations, I use Farmgirl Fare as my best example of what I call a Themed Personal Blog.

    Whatever it is you're doing, just keep it up.


  15. What a beautiful place you have,and thank heaven for Bad Ass Beagles:)

  16. I can't remember how I came to your blog..
    I know I've been reading it for awhile..
    We never know how we touch each other's lives....
    You had wrote something on your blog one day that really was funny so I sent a link to your blog to a friend of mine.. who is of liked mind .. she spent over 2 hours reading you blog and now reads you on a daily bases.. :).
    Hope to one day to be in your shoes..
    My husband is from MO.. and we hope to move back there some day..

    Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with the rest of the world..

    You have inspired quite a few people :)

    Denise in TN

  17. Go Robin, Go Robin...

    Glad you're back!

    That is quite the impressive creek. Very cool!

  18. Great to have you back FG. Number of inspirational, warm, genuine bloggers at the farm = 1, Number of sentimental English wannabe cowgirls = 1, Number of grateful, admiring, glad-you're-in-our-lives fans of FG Susan = Countless. :)

  19. I am also glad your back. I check your blog daily, and really enjoy reading it. Your pictures are also great.
    Glad your back!

  20. hesitantly clicked your hyper-link this morning, trying to prepare myself that you won't be there -- I like to sneak up on disappointments ---
    Hurrah, You're back~!
    Would have had a hard time facing the day without my daily dose of you, toots.
    Rain?? You had RAIN!!! (I sort of remember rain ~ that's when water falls from the sky, right?)
    We're already on a drought warnings/restrictions and have been for 3 weeks -- even had multiple brush fires raging -- and this is only early spring.
    Why did I think armadillos were strictly a southwest thing????

  21. Glad to see that you are back!

  22. I'm so glad you're back!

  23. So pleased you are still here. I would miss your wonderful posts if you weeren't. I share your sadness but where there is life there is always hope.

  24. What a wonderful photo! That makes me want to walk right into the picture (taking off my shoes first, of course)!

  25. I adore this photo. I'm from southwest Missouri and I immediately thought "Yup, that's my land." Not that I have a farm but I've lived out west and I always come home for the woods. I just love the way the land looks around here and through northwest Arkansas. That photo reminds me a lot of Eureka Springs, too.


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