Friday, May 30

Friday Daily Dose of Cute:
The Littlest Member of the Flock

Doris's Bouncing Baby Boy, Two Days Old

Current lamb count: 30. Number of still pregnant ewes: 2. Number of days this ridiculously drawn out lambing season (our longest ever) has lasted so far: 79. Number of days we expected it to last: about 30. Number of questions about lambs, puppies, cows, roosters, baby chicks, wild mushrooms, coyotes, and Sarah Kate's Mickey Mouse nose you've asked lately in the comments section that I haven't had a chance to answer: an embarrassingly large number. (Sorry!)

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  1. SEVENTY-NINE DAYS?! How are you still managing to sound so coherent in your posts? I would be a gibbering mess from lack of sleep.

  2. Wow. You are due a nice long break really really soon. Maybe even a full nights sleep?

  3. Wooo! Just two more to go =)

    P.S. After reading your post from a few days ago, I was checking out morels at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia today and they were... $69.99/lb!!!!

  4. We can wait - your time with cuteness is way more important - for the cuteness and the FG.

  5. Wow! You're not on your second wind, you're on your sixth or seventh!

  6. This may be the dumbest question ever but - does that lamb have a long tail? Because that is the oddest thing I've ever seen. Don't sheep have nubs? Do you dock them?

    I don't mean to add to your pile of questions, but I am so confused!

  7. Since Farmgirl Susan clearly does not have enough time to answer questions (honestly, I do not know how you manage all this stuff you have going on, Susan), I'll answer Casey's question: Yup, lambs are born with long tails. They are docked when still very young to keep them clean around the, uh, poopy area and avoid maggots and various other disgusting things. Docking such cute little creatures is a little bit heartbreaking (at least I've found it to be so), we do it because we love them. That's what I tell them, anyway, as the cauterizer is applied.

  8. What a sweet little lamb! I called it to the attention of my oldest daughter and after she cooed at it and blew it a kiss, she asked me why was it black AND white? I don't have an answer for her (not a city girl, but I don't know much about sheep...goats maybe, but not sheep) so can you please tell me so that I can fill her in?

    Jan from Unique Baby Gear Ideas, Nursery Themes and Decorating Ideas

  9. Such a cute picture!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.


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