Thursday, May 15

Thursday Daily Dose Of Cute

Pup & Robin (taken 4/16, which means the pup is now bigger than Robin)

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where self-respecting beagles don't fall head over heels for the fluffy white puppy cuteness - and the above photo was taken just seconds after somebody white and fluffy tried to cover Robin's face
with kisses. Blech.


  1. Pup is too darned cute! I bet they have great puppy breath and puppy kisses. Becuase of their long hair they always look like they have just been in motion or are getting ready to pounce.

  2. Puppy kisses! (sorry, couldn't help myself)

  3. Thank you for the picture of Robin. Some of my favorite photos are pictures of her...the ones of her and Patchy Cat in the water and so many others. She always, always makes me smile.

    Hope she is doing well in spite of having to deal with gross puppy kisses.

  4. OMG! I've been MIA for a while - what a puppy-licious image to come back to!

    They are Just. Too. Cute!

    PS - LOVE the pic of the pups with Cary!

  5. Poor Robin. Looks like he's being bumped as top dog.


  6. scuse me, Farmgirl, while I take up for Robin.....

    Jane, Robin is most certainly not being bumped and

    She (I don't know how to underline or bold that, but I would if I did) knows more than those pups will know for a few years to come. and don't forget about Bear, either.

    If you follow all the Robin links and read the stories, you'll see that Farmgirl loves Robin and it will only be when Robin wants to step aside that she will.

    ahem. ok, so I guess you can tell I'm a huge Robin fan.

    I don't know how to appear as anything other than anonymous but you can call me "a Robin fan".

  7. More pictures of Robin, please! Your blog is fabulous start to my day, as I dream someday of having chickens and a huuuuge garden.


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