Thursday, May 8

Thursday Daily Dose Of Cute


  1. Please tell us more about the pups!

    Rebecca in GA

  2. Now see--those dogs are bred to be fluffy and white to blend in with the sheep flock. But what happens when your sheep are black and polka-dotted? Why, we can see the dogs better! And that's just fine with me! Love 'em! Though I do miss my Lucky Buddy Bear.

  3. Do they have names yet?

  4. Those lambs are too cute, and those new pups are way too cute!! We need more pics of the pups and some info about them. Please do tell all!


  5. I can't get over how BIG those puppies are! I keep checking back for more posts on the pups. They are beyond adorable!!

  6. Still wondering what breed of sheepdog they are. Komondors?

  7. Geez - just when we thought your farm couldn't get any cuter!

    Now you have two fluffy puppies rolling around next to the lambs?!

    Go easy on us, Susan - we're only human. We're going to explode with all the adorable-ness.

  8. Do you remember the Saturday morning cartoon with the big old sheep dog guarding the herd (flock?) from the wolf. I think one was named Ralph and the other Fred. The cartoon would start with them clocking in and exchanging greetings "Morning Ralph". "Morning Fred." as they walked out to the field. Then they'd carry out their appointed roles for the day. Wolf trying to steal the sheep by various means, always being foiled by the dog.

    The thing is, the sheep dog had this thatch of hair over his eyes so you assumed he couldn't see the wolf. But of course he could and always came to the rescue at the last minute.

    Your puppies remind me of the cartoon because there are no eyes visible, but I bet they know exactly what's going on.

    And um, I think I'm older than you, so no, you probably don't remember the cartoon.

    Sigh. Never mind.


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