Saturday, May 24

Saturday Daily Dose Of Cute:
Livestock Guardian Pups

On Duty or Off Duty?

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  1. OMG - this is sooooo cute ! It's like he just needed a breck from guarding the sheep . They in turn , said ok - we will watch out for you - "chuckle, chuckle " .
    Thank you so much for the pic - I will carry it in my mind for the day !
    Kim O

  2. And the lion shall lay down with the lamb . . . paradise, indeed. :-)

  3. I am so hooked on your Daily Dose of Cute that I have to come by every day! There is an abundance of cuteness in your life. Thanks for sharing it with us city folk.

  4. Have you named those vicious watchdogs yet? Or did I miss something in my travels? They are certainly getting big - hope they don't eat a sheep for dinner some night! :)))))

    Sweet puppies - I'd be tempted to carry one around and put it on my lap - you are pretty strong to let them to their thing like they are supposed to!

  5. Are they keeping the coyotes away?

  6. They'll guard the sheep, and the sheep will stand guard while they nap.

  7. Wow, how adorable!! Where in the world did you find two puppies that are a mix of all three livestock guard breeds? And how are they with the chickens? And where can I get me two little puff balls of love to guard my future goats? :)

  8. Who's guarding who here?

    Looks like one big pile of cute to me.


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