Sunday, May 11

Sunday Farm Photo #2:
There's A New Supervisor In Town

Sheep Freedom Day: Sarah Kate Is On The Job

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  1. Cats are natural supervisors, aren't they? They are so bossy and full of themselves, and so very allergic to anything that looks like work.

    For reasons not entirely clear to me, they are my very favorite animals.

    (Apologies to the no doubt righteously indignant spirit of Lindy the Chicken, who is right up there near the top of the list, too... and whose persona was not without some characteristics shared with the felines.)

  2. I love her name. How do the puppies like her? Are they all getting along?

  3. Damn straight they're in charge--and they won't let you forget it, either.

  4. While there is no question our two supervise every chance they get, they do work. Many is the morning I've come down stairs to find a freshly dead mouse next to the water dish.

    We do draw the line at their bringing friends home for lunch or dinner however.


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