Monday, May 19

Monday Daily Dose of Cute: Way to Go, Zelda!

Bye Bye
Big Belly, Hello Little Boy & Girl

Thank goodness. You know she's got to be feeling better now that those babies are on the ground, especially since it's 90 degrees in the shade today. As you can see, though, her appetite hasn't diminished. More photos to follow - Zelda's very proud. And her twins are very cute!

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  1. YAY! Finally =)
    ...and they are definitely cute!!

  2. I realize it's probably the angel and shadows but she still looks like she has one more in there. Her rib cage is huge looking. I am so relieved that she finally delivered and everyone is doing good.

  3. My goodness she looks like two different animals stuck together in the middle. What a relief that must be to be done finally (was she last?)

  4. Whew...poor Zelda! They are very cute though. No wonder she's hungry...taking care of those little ones are likely to take a lot of energy :)

  5. Yes, I know she is glad to "have them on the ground" as you said.

  6. WOW. Look at how...deflated Zelda looks! But happy, with two adorable and healthy-looking babies. Congrats Zelda!

  7. How exciting - I kind of thought triplets but those are nice healthy looking babies. Whew - good job Zelda!

  8. So glad they got here with everyone making it safely! Wow at the indent left behind!

  9. Yay Zelda! I was getting worried about her. Are they the last of the season? If so, surely they should be Z names too (Zoe and Zach?).

    Write about the pups soon! NAMES!


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