Wednesday, May 7

Wednesday Daily Dose Of Cute: All Day Hay Buffet

Kids Eat Free!

Sorry, No Puppies

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where it's too bad the new puppies (who are - for those of you who have been asking - Anatolian Shepherd, Komondor, and Great Pyrenees) don't actually eat hay, since at this feeding rate we're probably going to have to start buying kibble by the ton.


  1. Oh my goodness - ok everybody let's find out what kind of dog food she's going to buy and go get stock in the company! Wonderful pictures - and answered one of my zillions questions about how and when you dock tails. We band for neutering. Your "puppies" are fabulous - they will be as big as the tractor but hey - "yo coyotes, you wanna piece of this action?" will make them the intimidators!

  2. They may not eat hay, but I can testify that at least one of my dogs will jump right into the feeding frenzy when corn or Shepherd 16 is on the menu. Or even sheep mineral, which, by the way, dogs do not digest well.

  3. Good grief - the size comparison shocked me! I know these puppies are going to be big - but they are sprouting up already! Just more adorableness to go around. How are they doing? Is Bear tolerating them, since they have Sheep Approval?

  4. Those puppies are adorable. Have you named them yet?

  5. I should not be surprised that they are growing so quickly! They'll be 125 in no time.

    Wow - what an interesting mix of breeds! I wonder if they'll end up with a Komondor coat?


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