Wednesday, May 21

Wednesday Daily Dose Of Cute: Better than Kisses


  1. Congratulations to Zelda for a job well done....and Bear, of course.
    How does you garden grow? I miss you gardening hints. (:-)

  2. Babies, babies, babies! Girl, you are covered UP with little ones!

    Love 'em!

  3. I'm loving all these lamb photos! This last one with the dog kisses is just too cute for words!

  4. Aww, it's nice to see Bear GETTING some love for a change, since he's such a giver.

  5. I've been a faithful reader for months, in fact your blog was the first blog I ever read and motivated me to start my own. I was going to continue lurking in the shadows, but OMG, Bear is just too freakin' cute! I have four dogs, all bigger than lambs, and the only reason they might lick one is to see if it's tasty or not. What a sweet and intelligent dog Bear is!

    And I have to second marylou/tx.. how is the garden going?

  6. You can almost feel the tenderness in that picture. Precious!

  7. Bear's nurturing nature with babies is a common trait in English Shepherds (I think he is half ES, if I remember correctly). What a sweet guy!

  8. The big white fluffy dogs will do a good job as guards and photo subjects - but Bear is still the best nanny dog ever!

  9. Bear is such a sweet boy... it's great to see him in such a tender moment with one of the babies! He is a sweetheart.

    How is he doing now that there are two new pups running about? Are they following him around at all? Or is Bear just doing his Nanny Bear thing?

  10. Hi MaryLou,
    Great to hear from you! I miss my gardening hints, too. I'm really failing miserably with my kitchen garden blog - maybe because I'm so behind with the garden this year (again)! I'm still taking lots of photos and keep telling myself I should at least post photos so I can look back and see what's been going on in the garden, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. I still have hope, though. I keep writing lots of posts in my head, and maybe one day they'll make it from my scrambled brain to the computer. ; )

    Hi CG,
    The cuteness really helps when you're feeling totally overwhelmed by everything you need to get done. There's nothing like snuggling a little lamb to help you relax!

    Hi Dawn,
    I just love to watch Bear with his babies. He's so sweet with them.

    Hi Kristin,
    Well, that lamb isn't exactly smothering him with affection, but it isn't running away either! ; )

    Hi WVFarmgirl,
    I'm so glad you decided to delurk! And I love that you're blaming me for starting your blog. ; )

    As for the garden, unfortunately there's not a whole lot going on (probably because there's a huge box of unopened seed packets about 3 feet from where I'm sitting) but the stuff that is growing is doing well.

    Every year is 'the year' of something different in the garden - last year it was lettuce, spinach, and hopefully something else I'm forgetting. It definitely wasn't tomatoes, I know that. I had 46 purchased tomato plants and doubt I got 46 pounds of tomatoes. What a disappointment.

    This year I never even got any lettuce or spinach planted, but I have lots of Swiss chard in the greenhouse, was feasting on arugula all winter and up until just a few days ago, there are two 4'x8' beds of garlic that look beautiful (fingers crossed because last year's garlic was a real disappointment), and the strawberry plants I put in last year are covered with little green berries.

    I just figure I'll enjoy some fall lettuce and spinach that much more since there isn't any this spring (well, I have two beautiful heads of volunteer lettuce in one of last year's beds that I'm sort of saving for a special occasion) - and if it doesn't get planted then either, well, there's always next spring. ; )

    I did get a few potatoes in the ground a few weeks ago which are doing well, and one bed of beans is sprouted, so now I just need to plant some of the tomato plants I (gasp) bought (again). And start some basil seeds. And try to get some late pepper plants started. And, and, and. . . I guess I just wrote a garden blog post right here! ; )

    Hi Anne,
    He really is something, that Bear. : )

    Hi Country Mama,
    Yep, Bear is half English Shepherd and half Australian Shepherd. I still remember the first time he saw a baby lamb - he was only a few months old and we had him outside the barn. As soon as he saw it he started going nuts trying to get to it. We had no idea why - did he 1) want to chase it? 2) find out what it was? or. . . 3) lick it and kiss it to death! Definitely #3. Well, not to death of course. But close - in a good way. ; )

    Hi LindaSue,
    We're having ups and down with those crazy pups (who are good dogs with lots of potential but right now are just big dumb puppies), but at least now they've finally been contained - in electric fencing.

    I was thrilled the other day when it was raining and I saw one of the pups start licking a lamb dry. Since then they've both really started bonding with the sheep - which is exactly what they're supposed to do. It's so cute to watch. Yes, I'll post more photos soon! : )

    Hi Thalia,
    Well right now we have the pups contained in portable electric fencing with the majority of the flock (which is a whole other story that I've been meaning to write about) so Bear isn't having much contact with them. But when they were out loose they basically attacked him with affection any time they saw him. It was so funny. I have photos I need to share. It's especially cute now that they're as big (or maybe even bigger) than he is. He just sits there and takes it, trying to look stoic and professional while the two of them go bonkers over him. : )

  11. Hi Susan ~

    That sounds RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE!!! Whenever you have time to post photos, be sure that I will be saying, "aaaawww!" in a most saccharine way, and loving every second of it. :)

  12. I love the doses of cute- in today's world we can never get enough!


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