Tuesday, May 27

Tuesday Farm Photo: Party Animals

Do They Look Hungover or What?

And We Appear to Have Just Lost Dan

So how was your holiday weekend?

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  1. Well, clearly my holiday weekend was nowhere near as exciting as the donkeys'.

  2. That must have been one craaaaazy donky party! :-P

  3. I absolutely love your blog. The photos are precious and I look forward to trying your recipes. Wish I could go to a donkey party.

  4. They certainly look guilty about something.

    Hey, my verification word is "ahoot"! Too bad this post wasn't about an owl.

  5. Maybe just hot? and my verification word was shnnog. fitting.

  6. DonkeyS? Plural donkeys? I've been going through your posts from earliest to latest, and I just finished 2006. Where'd these donkeys come from? I'll have to keep reading....

  7. Susan: I saw your donkeys rolling in the dirt from a search. Check out my picture I shot on a roll, I think it's really funny.


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