Saturday, May 3

Saturday Daily Dose Of Cute

Day Two: Pups On Patrol

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where this photo was actually taken back on March 10th, so these puppies are a little bigger than this now - like twice the size. (I wanted to make sure it looked like things were going to work out before letting you fall in love with them.)


  1. They really cute! I always look forward to your animal pictures.


  2. So now we know - you protect us emotionally - you are SUCH a good FG! Those are two adorable pups!

  3. So what's the story, Susan? Are those pups there to stay? Names? Do you snuggle them or are they strictly for working (which I cannot imagine you allowing!)?

  4. They are darling and I hope they scare the coyotes away. We have them up in Mn and are pretty sure they took one of our cats. They are getting out of control around here and many people shoot them but I've heard they just have more pups to make up for it. Last fall, there was a dead one laying in the ditch about a mile from our house I was amazed by how big they are. I wondered if it was a wolf even, but it was a coyote. Did you say what breed of dogs those are?

  5. What kind of sheepdog are these little guys/gals?

  6. You had me at "fluffy". What kind of dogs are they?

  7. Okay, now that you know they are working out and we know that you know, we are all anxious for D*E*T*A*I*L*S !!!!!!!!!!! Names? Breed? And a picture of them now that they are bigger ..

    Thank you in advance!!

  8. Are they Great Pyrenees? They are so adorable! I can't wait to watch them grow up into great, great guardians.

  9. I need more information. I'm in pain from badly infected teeth that will need root canal. So bring on the cuteness and the details. Ouch.

  10. I was thinking they ought to be Maremmas, but their ears are too brown. Komondors will protect the sheep, but they might eat you and they will surely eat the donkeys and the Buddy Bear.

  11. well, just when I think can't up the Cute Level, lol!

    when I saw the photo, my mouth dropped open and I gasped...



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