Monday, May 5

Monday Daily Dose Of Cute: Morning Wake Up

Snug As Three Bugs In A Rug (Yep, there are three tucked in there)

Current Lamb Count: 25, including one born Friday (Liselotte's), one born Saturday (Bella's), and one born Sunday (Alisha's). Number of times I counted the lambs and ewes locked in the barn tonight: I stopped counting the counting at 9.

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  1. How many lambs do you have now?

  2. That's a lot of lambs. But of course, the more important question is how many do you still have to get born?

  3. Just letting you know I LOVE your site! I routinely 'stalk' for new recipes and love your daily pics! We have our own newbies daily also, calves, kittens, chicks...

    Can't wait to try out your new recipe!

  4. Hey, Farmgirl! I think I found your twin in an alternate universe! These guys have their own Cary, Nanny Bear, and Farm Boss Patchy Cat! Check it:

  5. Again with the awwwww moments - sweet faces. I agree with Kristin - how many more to birth?

  6. Oh my gosh, that soft little brown lamb face just slays me. I have this year acquired an honorary granddaughter, the adopted daughter of my very very good friends, who in their earlier, younger days together, lived in my attic.

    I believe that Ms. Gracie, who is a very special young lady now of 15 months, would greatly benefit from the companionship of some stuffed animals representing such characters from your farm.

    The plushy brown face brought this long time hobbyhorse of mine to mind. I think they would go so well with a book of your stories. I'd especially like to get her an Uncle



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