Sunday, April 6

4/6/08 Daily Dose Of Cute

Chocolate Chip Biscotti & Her Two Day Old Twins (taken 4/4/08)

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  1. Beautiful little lambs - you sound exhausted but maybe it is getting a little warmer in your part of the world - as always thanks for sharing. I have missed our birthing season a tiny bit and we are discussing(not sure that is the right word since I cry a little) getting rid of pretty much all our goats - expense is now higher than the tax break.I cheer myself by knowing I'll have Susuan's vicarious babies!

  2. I can't imagine what it must be like on your farm right now. We only had two ewes have lambs this year, and we were still a wreck. Though it was our first time with lambs, so nervousness was a big part of it. You're a lot calmer and more cheerful (at least on-screen!) than I would be. You should write a book--"Zen and the Art of Lambing."

  3. So adorable! I just found your blog and love it. I too live in rural Missouri and am getting a couple of Dexter cattle and some sheep this week. Fun living the dream, isn't it. Sick of the rain, though. Your photography is great. Thanks for it.

  4. Do you still have your llamas???

  5. oh my gosh, I just want to hug them!

  6. I just found your blog the other day while I was looking for a bread recipe. I found your Oatmeal Toasting Bread and made it on Sat. We had company so it's gone already! I loved it, so I'm making another batch today. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing it. I'm also enjoying perusing your blog. One question - I'm new to bread making and am wondering why you mix in "old" dough - what is it's purpose over not using any "old" dough at all?

  7. Susan, You are killing me with the cute! wraps arms around monitor

    Suzanne, if I may step into the breach (not the birth kind), the old dough gives bread better flavor because it has had extra time to develop its flavor. Have you poked around A Year in Bread at all? It's a bread-baking site where Susan and I write, along with Kevin of Seriously Good. You will find some interesting and useful information over there. Plus, lots of good recipes!


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