Friday, April 18

Friday Farm Photo: Cary Update

Too Hungry To Say Hi

Wondering who Cary is? Meet her in A Tiny Tail For Mother's Day.

Many of you who have kindly asked how Cary's been doing since she lost her baby last month. Thanks to that late night visit from the vet, she made a full recovery and seems to be just fine. She's back to her pre-pregnancy bouncy self, and no longer looks as if she swallowed two bowling balls - though her appetite hasn't diminished any.

Cary still doesn't care to be cuddled or even pet much, but she does come over and give me dirty looks when I'm snuggling an adorable baby lamb. She doesn't seem to miss having a lamb of her own, and still acts very kid-like herself. The other day I saw a lost lamb run straight through her legs while searching for its mommy and she just stood there looking confused.

The lambs love to pack up and play Race Around The Barnyard this time of year, and more than once last lambing season I busted full-grown Cary racing right along with them like she was still a little member of the gang, kicking her legs in the air and shaking her head around like she does when she's really happy. It was hysterical. These were some of my favorite Cary moments, but of course she never let me capture any of them with my camera. Maybe I'll catch her at it again this year.

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  1. I found myself laughing out loud!!!
    That Cary girl is a mess. Your descriptions make me feel like I am right crazy..

  2. Just re read the story of the stillborn lamb and the clever FG's plot to get the lambless mom to adopt the weaker twin - loved it even more the second time around. Glad Cary is recovering well - it is a hard time for them until those hormones purge after a problem birthing but she is a strong gal and will come back even better next season.

  3. I am so addicted to updates on Cary. Its almost like se belongs to everyone else too! Thank you for letting us know how she is doing. Also keep the great pictures coming!


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