Saturday, April 19

Saturday Daily Dose Of Cute

Dee Dee & Her Baby Boy, Milkface

Sometimes it can take a while to get a name around here. And when you do finally get one, there's no guarantee that it'll be a good one - especially if my mother happens to be around. During her first visit to the farm she renamed one of the cats. Crook, so called by his previous owners because he not only had an odd little crook in his tail but also used to steal food from other cats, became Patchy Cat because he "looks just like my Patchy Cat who got run over by a car." Okay, fine - though Joe still can't believe that our all doing, all seeing, all around manly Farm Boss feline is now named (use your best high pitched girly voice here) Patchy Cat.

Then several years ago she named Auntie Rose, which isn't horrible but isn't so great either. The ironic part is that not only does my mother have no recollection whatsoever of actually coming up with the name Auntie Rose, she also swears she doesn't remember the conversation she and I had during her visit last fall when I informed her that the sheep she was inquiring about was named Auntie Rose because that's what she told me I should name her, and I hadn't wanted to hurt her feelings by later changing it.

Then she decided to come to the farm this year during lambing season. And when she first arrived and was trying to figure out which lamb was which and who they each belonged to, I pointed to one and said that he was the little milk face baby whose photo I'd posted a couple of times. That did it. From that second on, every single time she was down at the barn she would look around and say, "Where's Milkface?" even though she'd never actually seen him with any milk on his face.

Naturally the name quickly stuck. Even I started referring to him as Milkface. At one point while we were watching him playing in the barnyard I turned to her and said, "I can't believe that poor little guy is gonna have to go through his entire life being called Milkface." She laughed.

Fortunately Milkface doesn't seem to mind. Although while my mother was here, and his name was constantly being said aloud, I did notice that he'd stopped sleeping curled up next to Dee Dee and was cuddling up next to the biggest lamb in the barnyard instead. I figure some of the other kids had started teasing him behind my back. They're just lucky my mother left before she'd had a chance to name them, too.

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  1. Names ARE hard. My llama friend likes Candy and me to come over and help name his baby llamas in the spring. It's easier to name other peoples' animals, I think. I don't like to name anyone with a name from someone I've already loved and lost. There will never be another Peanut for me, example.

    Milkface is cute - and I think he'll survive the name - unless, of course, he becomes a ram; then he will have trouble with the girls - "Oh, look, here comes Milky - pay no attention, girls, he's a whimp!"

    Love your daily pictures.

  2. What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

    At least he's named Milkface and not Scarface! I think the name is adorable :-)

  3. I think that Milkface is my favorite. It soots him. But don't let the others know I have a favorite.

  4. The way you told us to say Patchy Cat reminds me of Pheobe on Friends singing Smelly Cat...


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