Wednesday, April 9

Wednesday Daily Dose Of Cute

Chocolate Chip Biscotti's Twin Boy In The Barnyard

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  1. Now this is surely a dose of CUTE!!! Darling little one!!
    sunkissed in Arizona NG

  2. Amazing how much his color has lightened already. I had no idea they changed that quickly.

  3. you know...all of these adorable farm babies do not help my Serious Case of Wanting a Farm...with allll of the babies included...

    and I love that Whitney's babies grew up so handsome...even if 4 of them are Guy Chickens...

    I met a Black Cochin recently with whom I fell madly into love...but I have the feeling he is a philander and was just triflin' with my affections! :)

  4. Oh my goodness gracious..he is just tooooo cute!!! :)

  5. You are putting me right off lamb kabobs, you know! Very cute.

  6. What a sweetie! I wanna pinch his little sheepy cheeks!

  7. What a cutie that little guy is! I'm surprised you find the time to post during lambing season Farmgirl. Such dedication!

  8. This just might be the cutest one yet!

  9. Oh, he looks like Will Smith!!!

  10. Now that's the CUTEST of all photos on this blog. It captures the essence of a baby.


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