Sunday, April 20

Sunday Farm Photo: Chick Days Are Here!

A little freshly picked arugula while you wait?

Three weeks ago, two of Whitey's chicks—who are now grown-up hens and laying little brown eggs of their own—decided they were in the mood for motherhood, so they each settled down on a pile of eggs in side-by-side nesting boxes for the 21-day incubation period. (Did you miss Whitey Watch last year? You'll find links to all of Whitey's 2007 baby chick posts at the bottom of this page.)

8:56 am this morning

11:06 am

1:36 pm

Yesterday three chicks hatched but there was something wrong with them and all three died. Fortunately things are going much better today. This little bundle of fluff belongs to Cheeky (the hen on the left), who isn't in the picture because I had to briefly relocate her in order to check on what was happening underneath her. That didn't make her happy. Fortunately I was wearing thick gloves.

There are six more eggs under Cheeky and four more under the other hen (whose name is still being decided), so cross your feathers that this chirping little cutie pie will have some siblings soon - and that we don't end up with
another bunch of roosters!

The chicks all started last year with Whitey:
Whitey's Gone Broody
Whitey Gets Her Wish
Peep! Peep! Peep!
It's Been Quite A Chick-Filled Day
I'm Just Wai-tin' On A Friend
Whitey & Her Baby Chicks
Caution - Foodie Forming
Wall Inspection & Farmgirl Inspection
Baby's First Perch
Baby's First Dustbath
Mother As Landing Pad
Little Rooster Showin' Some Style

©, the fine feathered foodie farm blog where no eggs, chicks, chickens, or farmgirls were harmed during the taking of these photos (thanks to the gloves), but Cheeky got so pissed off while being gently removed from her eggs that she started screeching like The Alien. And that was a little bit scary.


  1. So, that wouldn't, by any chance be Little Lindy II? I guess if she's actually a rooster, that wouldn't do?

  2. Hooray for babies! Hope the rest of the clutch does well. Pretty little red chicks - makes me think of the Little Red Hen from childhood (you know they had children's books on stone tablets then!). Which brings to the next question - when are you doing to squeeze in a line of stuffed animals and children's books (in addition to finishing up new bakery/home) guess I answered my question huh?

  3. When I took my de facto grandson to the local fleet supply store to buy new "splashing boots" the saleslady showed us the watering tanks full of baby chicks ducks and geese. It was hard to convince Zack that Mama would not be pleased if we brought some home to their 2-bedroom apartment!

  4. Love all your animal pictures. I have a certain l ittle lady here at home who LONGS to live on a farm. I will let her take a peek into yours. Thanks for letting me take a peek on your blog! :)

  5. It amazes me that the little chicks look so fluffy so quickly. Good luck with the rest of the eggs. I hope there won't be any roosters.

  6. Oh... I love the little chick. How can it be just so CUTE?!?!?

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Chicks!!!! Cute!

    Chicks and Lambs.......almost to much cute for one person. Ok not really. Keep the pics coming!


  8. Cool! I have yet to have a true broody hen so doubt if I will have any 'farm' babies - have to rely on purchased ones this year!!

  9. Eeek! How do you stand living with such cuteness all the time????

  10. I just want to say that I enjoy your sites very much. I love the farm stories, the recipes, mom's visits etc. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. So cute! I hope i get to go to the place.

  12. Decades ago my friend, Jean, taught kindergarten, and one spring she set up an incubator in the classroom so the children could watch chicken eggs hatch. Day after day during the incubation period, Jean would stand at her desk, next to the gerbil cage, and wring her hands in worry about the chicken eggs. Come the big day, and frequent incubator checking, not a single egg hatched. Jean was so disappointed. But at lunch, little 5-year-old Nora quietly said that something funny was happening with the gerbils. Sure enough! - Baby gerbils were being born. Lesson - be sure to wring your hands over the appropriate cage.


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