Tuesday, April 15

Tuesday Daily Dose Of Cute


Current Lamb Count: 13, including three sets of twins. Number of sleep-deprived farmgirls ready for a nap: 1.

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  1. Another excellent use for old spare tires!

    Playing in the Dirt

  2. Did you sink that tire on purpose or is it one of those things that just gets dropped and left until it becomes one with nature? We have a lot of that around here. But sometimes it works out surprisingly well, as that tired wee woolie would attest (Ha! Get it?! TIREd? Yeah, that was kind of lame.)

  3. And I just now saw the caption under the photo. So I may not be original, but at least it's a comfort that I'm not the only one who thinks in puns.

  4. oh man...if I lived anywhere near you, I'd come over and gladly babysit...

  5. The lambs are so cute! Better not show these pictures to my children or they will be wanting to get one. For some reason lately they have wanted a goat. lol Browsing down your blog I saw a weekend herb blog and had to go visit it. Your soup recipes look mouth watering good!

  6. "Tired"?? Oh that was sooo baaaaaaad.

    Bwuahahaha! Get it? Baaaaaad!

    Bwua :)

  7. Just a word of caution (I'm a third year vet student) old tires can shed little bits of wire which can look mighty tasty to sheep and lambs but when ingested wire is a very bad thing (obviously) and can puncture the reticulum and kill the animal. Leaving tires in fields especially in areas where animals are fed is usually bad news, so just be careful!

    I love your blog and all your new woolly family, keep up the good blogging!

  8. Sweet, as always!!! Can't wait until I have 4-legged people here. It's coming!!!

  9. Obviously I need to get out more. I looked at this picture, saw two adorable lambs and a snake. Yes. I know it's a tire. But I swear my first reaction was not pretty. I couldn't imagine how a snake that large could be there. Then I calmed down and actually read the caption. My heart rate should be back to normal later today.

  10. Another great installment of Daily Dose of Cute!



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