Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday Daily Dose Of Cute

Bear The Babysitter (among other things)

Current Lamb Count: 18, including three lambs born yesterday. Eleven more pregnant ewes to go!

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  1. Seems like so many already, can't believe there's so many left to go.
    Here's to making it to the end! And to more Daily Doses of Cuteness!

  2. Well hello, Lucky Buddy Bear, my love! You look tired. Tell Farmgirl Susan you want a little vacation to come visit me. Our lambs don't require much baby-sitting (lamb-sitting?), so you'd get a nice rest.

  3. Hope you got some sleep and the storms we are predicted to get today won't hit you in the middle of the night! Bear seems so happy during lamb season - his job is pretty clearcut and he is more than ready.

  4. Thanks to you and Boulderneigh I have learned a whole lot about sheep and lambs. Thanks for the lessons and the great photos. Bear is wonderful.

  5. Hi Susan,

    I currently live in Springfield, Missouri. I am a handspinner and purveyor of spinning fibers. Hence, I am always reading about life on your wonderful farm...love the sheep, the chickens, Donkey Dan, etc.

    Anyhoo, I wanted to let you and your friends know that the Highland Fiber Artists Guild (Marshfield, MO) is having their annual fiber fair soon, on May 17th, 2008, a Saturday. Here is the web address for those who are interested in the details -- http://www.hfafiberfair.com/fairarchives.html. I try to promote all things good in the state of Missouri.

    I know you don't spin but there's a bake sale table. (wink)

    All the best to you, Pepper

  6. I was wondering if you still have your llamas.......curious as I have 3 myself

  7. Seeing your pictures, I wonder, when do the lambs lose their tails and how do they lose them?

  8. Hi Everybody!
    Thanks for all your comments on this and other recent posts. I always appreciate when you take the time to write, and I apologize for not answering some of your questions yet. I'm hoping to get to them soon.

    I'm also working on putting up a page of Frequently Asked Farmgirl Questions so the answers to things like what happens to the baby lambs' tails will all be in one handy place. And I'll be asking for more questions from you, too so start thinking some up and jotting them down! ; )

    P.S. Thanks for the info and link, Pepper!


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