Sunday, April 13

Sunday Daily Dose Of Cute


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© 2008, the award-winning blog where where we like seeing double this time of year - and right now there are three sets of twins bouncing around the barnyard. So does that mean we're seeing sextuple - or just a whole lot of cute?


  1. 3 set os twins. Wow!

    Is that the most you have had?


  2. We call our sheep the woolies too. And the lambs are the wee woolies. You have a lot more wee woolies than we do, so you're seeing sextuple the cute.

  3. I thought you might like to see this story in my local newspaper.
    It's about another woman who left the city to tend to sheep :)

    PS: I don't make comments often, but I read your blog almost every day. One of these days I'll attempt your breads, but for now I've been sticking to pies.

  4. I love your daily dose of cute! The little lambs have such sweet faces! My Father-in-law has calves right now, and they too have those sweet eyes and precious faces. Spring is such a wonderful time with all the baby animals romping about.

  5. That is a daily dose of cute. Good photo.

  6. That's such a cute picture!

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    No, we've had more than three sets of twins in one year. I'd have to check my records to see the actual numbers. I do know that last year we also had two sets of triplets!

    Hi Kristin,
    The wee woolies - I love it! And I can't believe I never thought to call mine that!

    Hi Britta,
    That article is wonderful. Thanks so much for the link to it. Wow, some people think I'm obsessive heading to the barn for middle of the night lamb checks - she checks on her sheep every two hours round the clock! But she also keeps them out in the field until they lamb. There's no way we could do that with the coyotes. All year round our sheep are locked up each night in the barn.

    P.S. Oh, I'm envious - I love pie! You (and any other pie bakers reading this) might enjoy my amazing artist/shepherdgirl friend Katherine's wonderful Donkey Dreams & Pino's Pies project.

    Hi Paige,
    Oh, those big sweet eyes on baby calves are just too much. We're in cattle country, and nearly all the cows have calves right now. The other day I was driving my visiting foodie mom back to the airport and when we drove by one field I pointed and said, "Look! That cow just had a baby!" It must have been about 10 seconds old.

    What I really love about cows is that, unlike sheep, they create a nursery. One mother is the designated babysitter, and all the other mothers drop their kids off with her while they go eat grass. So you'll see a bunch of cows grazing and then one big one surrounded by a whole bunch of babies. It's so cute. And smart!

    Hi ga.farmgirl,

    Hi Barbara,
    Nice to hear from you! : )


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