Wednesday, April 9

Wednesday Farm Photo: Rooster Two-Step

More Chicken Dancing

Last June seven-year-old Whitey The Chicken decided that instead of dying of old age she wanted to try her foot at motherhood. Thanks to a kind friend who donated a dozen fertilized eggs to the cause, we soon had seven darling baby chicks hopping around. Unfortunately four of them turned out to be roosters, including this debonair dude. Four roosters on one farm is a lot of roosters, and since we never got around to eating any of them, back in January all but one went to live with the Donkey Peddling Cowboy.

Of course the roosters left with a story, but since it looks like I'm never going to get around to telling it, I figured I'd just go ahead and share this photo I took at their new farm since I still really like it.

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  1. Love the pic with the light shining there.

  2. Good for Whitey. You're never too old for new challenges. Even if you're a chicken. Maybe especially if you're a chicken, since laying some eggs is the best way for a chicken to prolong its life on a farm. :-)

  3. Chicks - yeah some chicks soon! I love the story of Whitey in her old age - becoming a mother in spite of it all. Beautiful shot of the rooster - don't tell us he became fricasse!

  4. I'm a nature girl at heart and would love to become a fan of your blog. Didn't see the option. I have an art blog. Would love to have you come visit. I'd like to get your feed on my favorites list.


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