Wednesday, April 30

Wednesday Daily Dose Of Cute:
Staving Off Unwanted Advances

Bear Doesn't Play

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  1. Oh my goodness - how funny! I was thinking that if that puppy were a lamb, Bear would be tickled pink. But a puppy, what use does Bear have for a puppy!? =) Thanks for sharing....those fluff balls are adorable. I'd have a real tough time not snuggling up in that fur!!!

  2. Oh my word, when we first saw the little fluffy bundles of white, they looked little. Now, next to Bear, I can see how these hulking 130 pound beasts will be able to defend the flock (once they are grown up).

    That is one BIG puppy. I hope dog food is on sale near you ;)

  3. Well, OF COURSE he can't play--he's too busy. That puppy will learn soon that there's no time for frivolity when there are lambs to be guarded.

  4. These little buggers are so cute!!! I hope poor Buddy Bear doesn't get a complex - 'cause he's gosh-darn cute too!

  5. Those dogs are going to be huge!
    They are already almost looking Bear straight in the face.

  6. Oh so cute! I love your blog, and the puppies (very big puppies) are just snuggly!

  7. Oh, the personality(ies) shown in this photo!

  8. Absolutely the first time I've seen a pic of Buddy Bear looking disconcerted! Poor dear tolerant wonderful "I was here first" dog!That's some big puppy friend - doubled - woo heee! Please send our fond regards to LBB - he will always be my fave. I'm fond of older and wiser. Young and frisky and cute is mighty appealing - but never replaces wisdom.

  9. I was at the public library yesterday and wanted to browse your site. My access was denied because of the suspicion for a porn site. I think it must be judged by the blog name: Farmgirl Fare'...I thought you may want to know.

  10. Um, is this an HR issue? I mean, someone is trying to make out with him while he's on the job and all?

    Personally, he's cute enough *I* might give him a pass, but Bear seems to take his work pretty seriously. He doesn't seem like the type for workplace hanky panky ;)


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