Friday, April 11

Friday Dose Of Newborn Cute (and the Whole Picture)

A Tender Scene

More below. . .

The Whole Picture

I told you Lucky Buddy Bear loves his sheep. And he loves lambs the best. What he doesn't love is The Bonding Suite Inn, because those private little pens in the barn keep him away from his babies.

These photos were taken last Friday when Clara's baby boy was just a few hours old. This first time mother (who bears a striking resemblance to Cary) gave birth to twins, but the tiny girl died not long after she was born. I don't know why, and unfortunately a lot of times that's how it is; there are so many different things that could have gone wrong. It's never easy to accept the fact that there will always be losses during lambing season, and it always hurts to watch a baby die.

The good news is that after a rather slow (and frustrating) start figuring out exactly what each of them was supposed to do (her: be a mother, him: drink milk), they caught on to the whole mom/kid thing and are now doing just fine. Today they vacated their bonding suite and enjoyed a romp in the barnyard with the rest of the flock before curling up in the barn for bed.

Meanwhile, Bear consoles himself with the fact that once again it's time to herd all the baby lambs into the barn each night at tuck-in time. He lives for this kind of work.

Current lamb count: 12. Number of stock dogs wishing that number were about a hundred times higher? 1.

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering what breed of sheep you raise, and if there were any plans for the lamb fleeces? I'm a spinner in Texas, so I just thought I'd ask :)


  2. Dear Farmgirl Susan, I can't thank you enough for sharing your life with all of us in cyberspace. I read your post about your mom's visit to "help" during lambing season and wondered if you would ever let me come down and help out. I would absolutely LOVE to come down to help you out during lambing time (I am a former labor and delivery and OB nurse....) I haven't worked, though, since having my own five "lambs" who are now growing up way too fast!! I grew up in Illinois just across the river from St. Louis, so I have a great affinity for all things southern Illinois and Missouri. Do you guys have a "guest shack" anywhere close so I could help with the 3AM lamb check?!! --Michelle

  3. Now that second picture really is the ultimate in cute. I love Bear!

  4. Awwww - Lucky Buddy Bear is such a fabulous nanny! It is hard to take the losses - as I sit here I'm allowing our adopted bottle baby out with the herd for the first time. Hard to see him get buffeted about by the bossy females so I'm inside! Your blog gives people a bit more realistic look at the reality of where the food on their table may come from (buy and eat LOCAL!). Thanks for sharing!

  5. We have a dog who also loves babies of any variety. She will actually get into "agruements" with the mother of the newest babies ... she wants them all to herself.

  6. They are just so cute! I'm still working on getting my farm and when I do, I may have to get a few sheep and chickens! :-)

  7. I appreciate all your lovely pictures of your sweet babies!! Thank you for sharing! Has your water gone down yet?


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