Saturday, April 5

Farm Photo 4/5/08: Chicken Dance

Poultry In Motion

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© 2008, the award-winning blog where our one rooster (that would be the blur on the left who is one of Whitey's chicks) thinks it's really fun to crow at the top of his big chicken lungs at all hours of the night. Every night. We've had the summertime fan near the bedroom running on 'loud' speed for the last seven months in order to get some sleep.


  1. Now that music is stuck in my head - friends had a wedding reception where we did the chicken dance -- aargh! One of the reasons (other than spouse totally hates having chickens) we don't have chickens is the rooster thang - they honestly haven't a clue about that "crowing at the crack of dawn".

  2. For some reason, that pic makes me laugh!

  3. Annnnnd now I have that damn song stuck in my head. Thanks so much! ;-P


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