Wednesday, April 12

Daily Farm Photo: 4/12/06

One Final Photo: BB & Her Baby Girl on 4/10/06

Tiny life, big impact. I'm happy I was able to share her with you. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and emails. Your kind and thoughtful words mean so very much.


  1. I read your initial post and cried along with you. I am sorry for the sadness that comes with having loved ones, both human and animal, leave us. I can relate to your losses but I believe your mind is showing healing even though your heart isn't. That was evident by your written words and the thought/feeling you had about your brother. That was beautiful. Peace to you.

  2. I too just read your initial post and cried too. I know that I would be a wreck so don't feel bad about that. It kind fo does sound like a great mystery huh? I am really sensitive so I give you a ton of blessings because I don't think I would be able to handle it:)

  3. Hello FG,
    I read your post yesterday about BB's babe -- there may be "Hearts of stone" around you but the heart within you shows in all you share and do. You bless your readers in ways I can only begin to imagine. I know I have been blessed in ways I do not have words for -- which is why your blog and farm are a favorite haunt of mine. Remember all the hugs that float your way from all of us (the readers) to you (an awesome farmgirl with a big heart that is definitely not stone.)

  4. Dear Farm Girl,
    Here is a website that will make you feel better about life today. It's a live webcam in Southern Maine of an Eagle's nest and a baby eagle just hatched yesterday. You can see it's little head bobbing out of the nest while the parents feed it. There may be another hatching today. Take care.


  5. Farm girl I read your post yesterday and couldn't find anythign sensible to say, except that I wish I could give you (and BB) the biggest hug. I lived on a farm as a girl and I know that terrible feeling when you count the flock over and over and over again, hoping you counted wrong each time..
    Where do these little ones go to? Who knows, but they certainly stay in our hearts. And don't for a second worry about being sentimental - if you didn't care about each and every one, you wouldn't be a very good farmer, nor half the human that you are.
    *HUGS* from me and mine.

  6. oh I can't imagine...losing something so little, so near the beginning...I am so sorry.


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