Monday, April 17

Monday Farm Photo: Sunshine and Laundry on the Line

It's Monday Washday!

Lamb Report:
As soon as it was dark last night, a pack of coyotes out near the hayfield burst into song. If these creatures didn't pose such a threat to my sheep, I do believe I would find their nighttime serenades rather pleasant. As it was, though, the dogs went crazy barking at them, and I, well, I did what one can do when they are miles from anywhere and anyone--I raised my head up high, took a deep breath, and let out a long, loud howl. That shut them up.

But as I mentioned previously, coyotes aren't the only danger lurking in the darkness. I thought the all night barkathon was for the coyotes' benefit, but this morning I found a murdered armadillo just a few feet from the barnyard—and one bad ass beagle covered with dried blood.

Current Lamb Count: 16. Known Dog Victories Over Menacing Predators: 1. And no, I don't think the armadillo got the lambs, but they're destructive, awful creatures, especially in the garden. Plus the dogs despise them.



  1. Susan, while reading your entry today,"Where the Red Fern Grows" popped into my head. Is there a writer lurking in the shadows? You have the material and gift.
    Now, where are those children's books?...a retired teacher.

  2. Yuck, armadillos. I've never seen a live one, but I've always thought they'd be like rats with armor.

  3. I am glad to hear that the lambie pies are all okay and that the Beagle did it's job. Now what about a bubble bath for a job well done?

    So howling at the coyotes shuts them up. What can you prescribe for teenagers whose music can be heard in my house with all the windows shut? Please any suggestions will be appreciated. Can coyotes eat teenagers in moving cars?

  4. Go Robin Go !

  5. Hi Mary Lou,
    "Where The Red Fern Grows" sounded familiar so I looked it up and realized that I don't think I know this book. I will have to check for it at the library.

    Thanks for your kind words about my writing. As for a writer lurking in the shadows? Well, yes. Before I started blogging I wrote columns and articles for various publications--mostly food and garden related.

    And when I first moved to the country, I published a newsletter for a couple of years full of lightheard stores about my new crazy life on the farm. Most people who read them said they should be collected into a book. I did send a book proposal to a couple of small publishers, but I really didn't pursue it as I didn't have enough finished material for a whole book.

    My plan since I started Farmgirl Fare was to post some excerpts from the newsletters for people who want to read more about country life. One of these days. . . (Although this "food blog" seems to be turning into more of a "farm blog" anyway, LOL.)

    I've never thought of writing for children, though. Interesting idea--and funny because vlb5757 just said last week that a story I was telling her regarding our llamas would make a great children's story. Hmmmm.

    Hi Laurie,
    I hate to sound like a nature hater, but after a fair amount of experience with live ones, it is my opinion that the only good armadillo is a dead armadillo (or a live one living about a million miles from me). They are icky creatures.

    They haven't been in Missouri very long--maybe 10 years. They migrated from the south which people said they'd never do because they couldn't cross the rivers. Well, guess what? Armadillos float!

    Okay, interesting armadillo tidbit that I have tested on a real life armadillo: They cannot see things that aren't moving. So if you come upon one nibbling on things in the woods and they see you walking toward them, they get scared and either run or stand very still. But if you then stand still, they will go right back to what they are doing because they don't see you anymore.

    Hi Vickie,
    Oh my. I don't know what Robin would do if I tried to give her a bubble bath. She's not really that kind of dog. What I should do is take her for a swim down in the river. : )

    Teenagers and loud music problems, eh? I guess they probably wouldn't hear you howling at them. It might make you feel better though--and nobody else would probably hear you over the music!

    I'm sure a coyote could eat a teenager in a moving car if the coyote was tossed into the car. : )

    Hi Leigh,
    LOL, I love it. That's going to be her new cheer! She really is one special beagle. Hard to believe she's 9 years old already. She just loves living out here. There's always so much to do!

  6. Glad to know all the little lambs and the sheep are still all there. Good beagle...good boy.

  7. I haven't read that book in ages. It's quite good (but keep tissues handy)

    I know I'm going against the grain here, but I think armadillos are cute. But then I've never had to live with/near them.

  8. Good job on the howling. I thought I'd heard something funny up here in Kansas City the other night.

  9. Hi Barbara & Kat,
    Thanks so much for saying what a good job you think I'm doing defending the farm from monsters. Just one teeny tiny little detail I almost hate to bring up since you've been so nice, but. . . well, I'm a girl! : )

  10. Hi Sunidesus,
    Yeah, there was a time when I thought armadillos were kinda cute, too. You'll get over it. : )

    P.S. Thanks for the heads up about the tissues and the book.

    Hi Pablo,
    Ahem. I'm sure you must have meant to say that you thought you heard something scary up there in Kansas City last night.

  11. Hello,
    I have a goat farm, and we've had problems with dogs eating our kids. Great Pyrenees make great goat protectors and maybe even sheep protectors. We are getting one. Just thought I'd share that.


  12. Glad to hear the lambs are safe. I have been visiting your blog from time to time (I found you via Kross Eyed Kitty) and I wanted to stop in and tell you I love all of your photos!

  13. Ref noisy teenagers, all ideas welcomed for dealing with squealing 10 year olds whose insane parents, in an act of pure sadism, have inflicted a trampoline on the neighbourhood. Since this is a food blog, have thought of smearing melted butter on its surface. Oh, to be a thousand miles from nowhere....

  14. It occurs to me that freedom to howl may be one of the most enticing aspects of the farm life. My apartment walls are pretty thick, but I wouldn't chance it.

    The girls who live above me are very sedate, and I almost never hear them. One night, however, they decided to vacuum in the small hours and scared me to death.I woke and couldn't figure out what was happening. It sounded like a bombing raid.

    I guess if I howled, someone would probably call the police.

  15. We have armadillos like crazy around here, but it never once occurred to me to suspect them of garden mischief! Until now, that is. This could help me understand a lot of my unattributable garden incidents.

  16. I don't know anything about armadillos, but am curious now that you bring them up in such negative terms - why does everyone comment badly about them? I do however have rats, and they are extremely social, loving creatures...


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