Wednesday, April 19

Daily Farm Photo: 4/19/06

Watercress Thrives In The Spring Runoff
here to see how it grows.

Lamb Report: Everybody A-okay. Well, as okay as you can be after Alice Cooper Night on Non-Stop Classic Rock Radio. These lambs will probably grow up and be unable to sleep unless Jimi Hendrix is jamming in the background. We're just about out of hay. (We would have run out weeks ago if it weren't for the peanut butter waffles and apple fritters.) The Green Grass Feast is merely days away. Current Lamb Count: 16.


  1. I am about to go outside and play in the dirt and the thought of eating Peanut Butter Waffles and Apple Fritters sounds much better to me. Maybe I should cook instead?

    Glad all the lambies are rocking and rolling with the best of them. I am sure that they will be as well adjusted as the teenagers with the blaring music...maybe a classical station would be better?

  2. Hello Farmgirl...
    Watercress -- growing wild... is it edible grown wild like that? I would think it would be providing its like the "store bought stuff" minus of course days of travel and goodness knows what else....

    Hope you and the lambs are having a blessed day...if you are getting rain send some our way!

  3. oooh, watercress! so vibrant and delish!

    Glad y'all made it through another night, but the loud classic rock has got to be a drain.

    Lunatic Fringe on constant loop?

  4. I read your blog everyday and have a blog myself. I was wondering if it was ok with you if I put a link on my blog to yours?


  5. Do you hve to do anything to ur watercress to make it edible? It can carry worms etc here... and not earthworms ;)

  6. I had no idea watercress grew like that...I guess I just never thought about it. It's really pretty, I wonder if it would grow in my pond?

  7. Hi Vickie,
    Oh, a classical station would be lovely, but the reception selection is, unfortunately, extremely limited. I'm lucky I was able to find any kind of music--even if it is Non-Stop Classic Rock, LOL.

    Hi Kat,
    My goodness. You mean I've got something Martha doesn't? : )

    Hi Heather,
    Yep, the watercress is edible. I've never had storebought watercress, so I don't have anything to compare ours to, but I can tell you that it is no mild little green. What a peppery bite! And I can also tell you that sheep and donkeys don't care for it. : )

    Oh, if only we were getting some rain!

    Hi Kelly,
    I keep walking out of the house to do late night barn checks and stopping short because I hear something very strange coming out of the darkness. Oh, right. Non-Stop Classic Rock. : )

    Hi Milgwimper,
    Oh sure, that's all we need. Lambs with lighters! Y'all have even better imaginations that I do, LOL.

    Hi Nikki,
    So glad you're enjoying your e-visits to the farm. A link would be super. Thanks.

    Hi Kat,
    That's really interesting about the watercress not growing in polluted water. This water comes straight out of the ground (there is a huge underground water system around here), and it's nice and clear, but, sadly, I guess all fresh water on the planet is pretty much polluted to some extent. We are very fortunate that this water is as nice as it is (especially since it's basically the same stuff that's coming up from our well).

    Hi Clare,
    Worms on watercress? Ick. Never heard of that. May have to investigate a bit further.

    Hi Begered,
    I never knew how watercress grew either until I moved to the farm and Joe pointed it out. I think it's really pretty, too.

    I think it needs to grow in running water, though, so I don't think a pond situation would work. But I could be wrong.


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