Saturday, April 15

Daily Farm Photo: 4/15/06

I Haven't Shared A Sunrise In A While

Lamb Report: Everyone survived the night. The giant trees on the hillside looked spectacular all lit up with the big portable spotlights. (As I hit the switch, I expected that big sound of stadium lights going on--it was almost light enough to play baseball in the barnyard last night.) I figured out how to work the scary barn radio this morning and even managed to get reception, so tonight the woollies will be no doubt rockin' the walls. Oh, and
click here to see what I spotted in the barn this morning. Current Lamb Count: 15.


  1. Great news. The baby is SO CUTE.
    Now, what kind of music do Missouri lambs prefer?

  2. So is the spotted lambie used to put emphasis on the Chocolate Chip Biscotti or the other way 'round? They both look wonderful. I can picture myself now, sitting on a bale of hay at sunrise, having a spot of chocolate oolong tea with a fist full of chocolate chip biscotti looking at all the little lambies and listening to the sound of ????? being piped into the barnyard. Now what could make a soul feel any better than that??

  3. Oh, what a beauty!!!!! Love that color--of the new baby and the sky.

  4. OK, both vlb5757 and I have said it, this one has got to be called Biscotti!Please, please, please?

  5. I third that...Biscotti!!!

  6. LOL, I really need to get around to making that announcement about the baby names.

    As for music in the barn, it's catch as catch can with the reception (we usually don't get any in the house--and, oddly enough, the stations in the barn mostly come from very far away). Anyway, when I turned it up this morning it was apparently tuned to a Country Western Inspirational station (is there such a musical genre?), and I could barely hear it over all the baaing. Somehow I don't think they were singing along. Then I found some classic Dire Straits ("Sultans Of Swing"), but that didn't get a real great response either.

    Of course it could have been the fact that the radio is in the little feed room and I kept kicking the metal feed buckets. . .

    Joe said he used to play country western for the hogs--it calmed them down. I don't think sheep do country western. Actually just voices would probably be best for scaring away coyotes, but I don't think I could ever subject my poor sheep to talk radio.

  7. Hee! I find the thought of all the sheep objecting to the radio quite comical.

    Maybe they'd like a book on tape?

  8. Hi there, I came here from Sisiggys blog. I'm glad I did. I like yours :-)

    Yes, I am one of these that wished that I was living out in the country - at least earlier in my life.

    Beautiful sky on the photo :-)

    I actually have a photo with a part of a sheep rug in it, right now on my blog. A really fine one.

  9. Just getting back here after a couple of days not reading - what I have missed! So sorry about the lambs. I have heard that donkeys were good at protecting herds so it is good you have relocated them and I am sure that is a big part of what has helped in the last day or so.

    Maybe try real classical music, some Bach perhaps? It might even annoy the predators as a bonus! (They play classical music in the evening on the streets where sullen youth usually hang out, in theory to drive them elsewhere.)

    Plus your biscotti look fab. Thinking of you.

  10. I think that the name should be either Chip, Biscotti, or the Biscotta idea was good too! Either way that baby needs a food inspired name.

    Book on tape, now that WAS funny! We used to listen to a little beat up radio when we milked the cows. They seemed to like C&W music. It sure made milking a lot more pleasant.

  11. Opera. No question.
    I suggest the quintet from Lucia di Lammamore.
    Or else that recording of chickens singing "In the Mood"

  12. Hi Farmgirl -
    Nice photo. We have something in common... I gave up the professional world at 28 (but no from California), DH and I bought an acreage and a bakehouse, then started homeschooling the kids (now teens). I was just in the mood for gardening and started reading some blogs... found yours. Congrats on the baby. I'm enjoying your biscotti pictures!

  13. Hi,

    I'm a longtime lurker who loves your blog (and used to live in Missouri but alas has been forced to move to LA). Anyways, I've heard that farm animals love Garrison Kieler's Voice on Prarie Home Companion.

    Just my $0.02.

    The Fat Chick (AKA Jeanette)

  14. For night music, might I suggest the "Lamb-baa-baa" sung by The Count on Sesame Street? I'm sure it would keep the varmints at bay, although I'm not sure if the sheep would really enjoy it... Then again, they might stay up all night dancing! *GRIN*


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