Sunday, April 16

Weekend Dog Blogging #30

Dogfoot Tiptoed Through The Tulips

Attention Dog Lovers! This Is Weekend Dog Blogging #30!
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  1. Looks as if Bear was enjoying some afternoon shade. I know I was with as hot as it got today here. Not even may yet and its warm enough to take the kids swimming! Can you imagine?

  2. Happy Easter to you Farmgirl and everyone on the farm. Hope Dan and Whitey get lots of eggs ;-)

  3. Bear is watching for deer so they won’t come in and top your tulips.

  4. How do you keep the dogs from trampling your garden and flowers? Do you have them fenced off?

  5. Hi Heather,
    We've been having such a heat wave here--temps above 90F. But that always happens in April. Just a week ago I was waking up to 24F. Wreaks havoc on the plants. Mmmm. Swimming sounds very nice right about now.

    Hi Abe/Happy,
    Thank you! But Whitey doesn't "get" eggs--she's supposed to give them! : )

    Hi Peppylady,
    Welcome to the farm! Okay, I'll buy that excuse--maybe. But only because he didn't actually trample them--and because they didn't get topped by deer--just frozen, but of course that wasn't Bear's fault. : )

    Hi Vickie,
    How do I keep the dogs from tramplng my garden and flowers? I don't! Though last year I got so sick of the dogs doing damage in the garden that I received some hastily erected garden fencing for my birthday. Of course both dogs can still get into the garden, but it takes more effort, LOL. As for the yard around the house (where the dogs spend lots of time)--I've got that one patch of tulips, the one patch of grape hyacinths, and the daffodils and irises. There are also a few misc. bushes of the type that are absolutely impossible to kill--even on purpose (Joe has tried.) All of these were already in place when I moved in 6 years ago. Anything I have planted (except the mint which is fairly safe in a two foot high stump) is either long gone or often trampled. But I wouldn't give up my dogs for even the most perfectly manicured and flower-filled garden. : )


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