Tuesday, April 25

Daily Farm Photo: 4/25/06

Sheep Freedom Day 3: Slight Overindulgence

Lamb Report: This whole coyote-deterrent-radio-blasting-in-the-barn thing can actually be rather amusing. Last night, after I sucessfully locked all the reluctant sheep up for the night, I turned around and found Martha and her twins calmly ambling down the driveway toward me. Bum-mer. This meant I would have to re-open the gate, thus giving the prisoners a chance to escape. So what happened? Bear herded Martha & Co. the wrong way and they fled, one devious little sheep sneaked out and made a run for it, somebody started yelling (who--me?), and a time out was declared. So I go back down later, somehow get everybody (for real this time) locked up, and as I slam the latch into the gate, The Clash starts blasting from the radio: You've just got to let me know—should I stay or should I go? Stay! You can't make this stuff up. Current Lamb Count: 18.

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  1. Awe how cute.. holding the gate for you and dozing too! Now that's effiecent! LOL

    Hope your day is going well Farmgirl

  2. The Clash!! How appropriate! :):)

  3. Completely fluffed out! So sweet.

  4. I laughed out loud about the song on the radio! You really can't make that stuff up can you! As Barbara said, too funny! Thanks again for the lambie pictures!

  5. Too funny! Love the pic!


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