Sunday, April 16

Daily Farm Photo: 4/16/06

Easter Greetings To You
There was no way I could stop with just one photo. Click here to see my time lapse tulips.

Lamb Report: Stadium lights
cancelled due to rain. Radio set to mixed inspirational music until late night check revealed singing had changed to shouting about "spending your entire life fighting the devil." Next station was talking about being "covered with the blood of the lamb" (which would have no doubt lured the coyotes right into the barn). Finally settled on the only music station that would come in loud and clear (because you should have heard the ruckus yesterday during the news): Non-Stop Classic Rock.

All your suggestions regarding what to play in the barn are cracking me up. Am thinking books on tape might not be a bad idea. Maybe when I'm finished listening to Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, I'll share it with the sheep. I bet the lambs would love it.

Oh, and yesterday afternoon
Liselotte (yes, that Liselotte from the infamous Name That Sheep Contest) had a healthy baby boy. (Click here to see the photo Liselotte the person posted on her Danish blog.) That makes 9 lambs born in 9 days. Current Lamb Count: 16. Mothers-To-Be To Go (barring any more surprise "B" lamb births): 7.


  1. Easter greetings!

    My horses seem to enjoy all of that way cool "chill" music. There is a risk, however--

    You might come into the barn one morning and find all of your sheep wearing black Ray Ban shades and berets ...

  2. Sheep In Black, way Cool!
    Easter greetings to you FG.

  3. Happy Easter to you too! I can't wait to see more lamb pictures.....they're so cute.

  4. Have a Happy easter!

    I love your lambs; they are all very cute!

  5. Hope you had an uneventful Easter. Quiet is needed every now and then. Do you think the lambs will like the latest Harry Potter Book? The "blood of lamb" stuff seemed a bit much and I agree totally that the station needed to be adjusted to keep from scaring the new babies. Your ram seems to have done a good job. Does he get some sort of a prize, say like a gourmet PB&J?

  6. Non-Stop Classic Rock! Well, the nth repeat of "More than a Feeling" would drive off any *sensible* coyote.

    Happy Easter!

  7. what is Liselottes baby sheep going to be named? and will you eat it - or keep it?


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