Saturday, April 29

Daily Farm Photo: 4/29/06

Snugglebunny's Twin Girls Eat Together & Sleep Together

Lamb Report: Rained out. It's been raining all night and is showing no sign of letting up anytime soon. Since I'm not in the mood to spend the day slogging through the wet grass reuniting babies and mothers, I rustled up some hay and declared A Day In The Barn (sans Non-Stop Classic Rock). Current Lamb Count: 19. Number of sheep who hate me today (even though I turned off the radio): Every Single One Of Them. Number of soaking wet donkeys who could have slept in their hut: 1.

Baa Bonus: For those of you who can't get enough lamb pics, click here to see how Bruisie's baby girl spent the second half of her first day of freedom yesterday.


  1. Poor Dan! What could be more pitiful than a soaking wet donkey? Unless perhaps a soaking wet kitten... Why won't donkeys and dogs go in their houses when it rains!?!?

    Are you still seeking the book "Definitive Donkey"?
    I picked up a copy at a thrift store a few months ago, just because the title intrigued me!

    Also, got "Vegetable Gardener's Bible" at the local library... LOVE IT!!!

  2. Adorable photo! I love it, and just want to give them a great big hug. Are these Snugglebunny's sweet little twins?

  3. Dan is looking for attention because those adorable baby lambs are getting it all these days. How about some pancakes Mom?

    Bruisie's baby is posing for beautiful baby lamb contest, and I just want to hug those twins! They look so soft and warm.

    Thanks for sharing a part of life some of us never get to see.

    Felice, Portland, Maine

  4. Thankfully sheep are forgiving souls :)

  5. Well, that picture of the lambs is just too darn cute. It's a wonderful thing that you are surrounded with so much adorableness as you're working your butt off!

  6. Awww! They are just too sweet!

    Do you just have a bunch of absent-minded sheep? or is it normal for them to get separated?

  7. How about some Lamb-size rain slickers?

    Here's what might be a stupid question from an urban person. Are you sheep a certain variety? I don’t think variety is the correct word….

  8. Hi JustJonna,
    Yep, I think a soaking wet kitten just barely squeaks by as being more pathetic than a soaking wet donkey. I was just down visiting everyone, and not only is Dan still soaking wet, but he's been rolling on his back in the mud so he looks horrendous! Crazy donkey. But if he's happy. . .

    Oh my, is there really a book called "Definitive Donkey?" That's too funny. I was just realizing yesterday that I never did track down a Getting To Know Your Donkey book. I will have to check this one out.

    Glad to hear you're loving The Vegetable Gardener's Bible. It really is a great book. If anyone hasn't heard me go on and on about it yet, you can read my review of it here. I've heard from several other people who have ordered copies and really like it. Three cheers for your library for having it on their shelves. (Aren't libraries the greatest?)

    Hi Tania,
    Yes, those are Snugglebunny's twins. I hadn't planned to feature them in the daily photo two days in a row, but I took this picture yesterday afternoon and just couldn't resist putting it up. They really are adorable the way they stick so close together.

    Hi Felice,
    Oh no! Not the whole pancake/apple fritter/peanut butter sandwich thing again!? : )

    So glad you're enjoying your visits here. Love the idea that Bruisie's baby is posing for the Beautiful Baby Lamb Contest.

    Hi 3Wishes,
    They'd better be forgiving, because they're going to be locked up all day tomorrow, too, while I'm off the farm. They're already refusing to eat their hay out of protest, and a little while ago as I was trying to get in the barn, Annie escaped! Let's just say she's back in now, and it's a darn good thing she's a sheep and not a cow because I had to PUSH her woolly butt in the gate using all of my might (a different gate--I had to sneak her back in through the barnyard or everybody else would have stormed out when I tried to put her back). The only good thing is that since Annie was my orphan bottle baby and really and truly believes that I am her mother, she knows that her name is Annie and she actually comes when I call her. Most of the time. Critters!

    Hi Sher,
    Yes, the adorableness definitely helps (see above as a perfect example). : )

    Hi Sunidesus,
    Ha ha, "absent minded sheep," I like that. Actually, that's sort of what these mothers become when they race into a field of fresh grass after having lived on hay for months. They sorta forget about their kids. Not for long, but sheep are roaming grazers (I'm sure that "grass is always greener" phrase was invented by them) and so they'll just wander and munch, wander and munch, and five minutes later a lamb is screaming non-stop for its mommy who has disappeared. Plus they're not in a confined pen right now, so they have a lot of space to roam. This time of year is quite noisy around here.

    This is probably making me sound like a pretty lousy shepherdess, but I am constantly checking on them, especially if I hear anyone crying for more than a few seconds (like I said yesterday--good exercise). Most of the time it's a false alarm. Take yesterday afternoon. One mother was bleating her head off for her baby who was fast asleep about 15 feet from her--right where she'd no doubt parked it.

    Of course there's always one who really does manage to get lost all the time. This year it's Alisha's little boy. Thankfully he is very friendly and so I just scoop him up and carry him back to his mom and the rest of the flock. He also knows to head to the barn and stay there if he's lost.

    Hi Yellow Dog,
    Ha ha, you're not off base with the rain slicker idea. Check out what my fellow shepherdess pal did in this post on her delightful blog, Apifera Farm.

    As far as your question--shame on you. No questions are stupid! Yes, our sheep are a couple of different breeds. You can read all about them (and learn more than you probably ever wanted to about sheep) in the comments section of this recent post.

  9. Those two are probably always going to be inseperable! How cute. Hope your day has been a good one.

  10. Can there be anything closer than twins? You gotta love how they are so close!

  11. Adorable snuggly picture!

  12. How sweet and adorable .
    Your blog always makes my day.

  13. Troy seems to prefer CLEAN laundry or a CLEAN coat, but maybe that is because he has no hay or straw????

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures.


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